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American Airlines canceled more than 1,500 flights this Halloween weekend

(The AEGIS Alliance) – This Halloween weekend break has become scary for American Airlines, as the airline flight business canceled over 1,500 trips between Friday and Sunday.

Greater than 600 of them had been made for travels booked to leave on Sunday, according to CNN and travel tracker service FlightAware.

This recent news comes after hundreds of flights got delayed and canceled on both Friday and Saturday.

“With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences,” a spokesperson for American Airlines informed CNN.

Some of the canceled flights have apparently been due to a stretch of heavy winds in the Dallas-Fort Worth region this past week. The North Texas center is actually the airline company’s largest.

American’s 634 terminated trips on Sunday made up virtually a quarter of the airline’s booked departures for the day.

Southwest Airlines, at the same time, terminated 87 air travels on Saturday and also postponed 697 others, Houston’s KHOU TV reported.

Southwest informed the news station that the “delays were a result of the severe weather across parts of the country which you’ll notice on Friday’s weather map – including heavy rain, low cloud ceilings, and gusty winds for the eastern half of the country where we have large bases of operations.”

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