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New Mexico Police in Slow-Speed Chase with ‘Bobcat Bandit’ Tractor Driver, Suspect Gets Away

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO In a peculiar turn of events, law enforcement officers in Santa Fe found themselves engaged in a slow-speed chase with a daring thief who had absconded with construction equipment. The incident, captured on dashboard police vehicle video, unfolded in the dead of night, leaving officers perplexed and on high alert.

According to a report by, the stolen equipment in question was none other than a Bobcat tractor, an unusual sight on the city streets. The presence of the tractor immediately raised red flags for the vigilant officers, prompting them to spring into action. With sirens blaring and police lights flashing, they pursued the tractor driver, urging them to pull over and face the consequences of their actions.

However, much to the officers’ surprise, the driver showed no intention of yielding to their demands. Ignoring their commands, the suspect defiantly continued to navigate the streets, leading the officers on a rare slow-speed chase. The stolen Bobcat tractor had been reported missing from a construction site earlier that fateful night, adding an element of urgency to the pursuit.

As the chase progressed, the audacious Bobcat bandit made a perplexing decision. With the officers hot on their trail, the driver abruptly veered off the road, crashing through a barbed wire fence, and disappearing into a nearby field. Undeterred, the officers leaped out of their vehicles and embarked on a foot chase through the darkness, determined to apprehend the elusive suspect.

Their search led them to an apartment complex, where they meticulously combed through every nook and cranny in hopes of locating the fugitive. However, luck seemed to be on the suspect’s side as the officers came up empty-handed. The Bobcat driver had managed to slip away, leaving the authorities perplexed and bursting with questions.

Faced with the possibility of the tractor thief deploying the front-end loader of the Bobcat to inflict damage upon their vehicles, the police reluctantly made the difficult decision to abandon the chase. Though their pursuit had ended in disappointment, the officers vowed to continue their relentless efforts to bring the ‘Bobcat Bandit’ to justice.

This captivating incident serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected challenges that law enforcement officers face in the line of duty. While the suspect may have eluded capture for now, the New Mexico Police remain resolute in their commitment to safeguarding the community and bringing wrongdoers to justice.


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