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Second Boeing whistleblower dies suddenly after severe infection

Just two months after another whistleblower’s apparent suicide, a former quality auditor has died from a mysterious and fast-acting infection.

Joshua Dean, 45, passed away on Tuesday morning. Dean, previously employed by Spirit AeroSystems, a Boeing parts supplier in Kansas, had reportedly been in excellent health until his sudden hospitalization two weeks prior.

By April 21st, Dean’s condition had deteriorated significantly. Tests revealed influenza B, MRSA, and pneumonia. Medical intervention included intubation, dialysis, and an airlift to a specialized Oklahoma City hospital. A CT scan revealed a stroke as well.

The severity of the infection became tragically apparent when doctors considered amputating Dean’s hands and feet due to gangrene. His family and medical professionals were baffled, according to the Seattle Times.

Prior to his illness, Dean raised concerns about production flaws at Spirit AeroSystems in 2022. He was subsequently fired, leading him to believe it was retaliation for speaking out.

Dean specifically flagged improperly drilled holes in parts for Boeing 737 Max planes, alleging his superiors ignored his warnings. He claimed focusing on this issue caused him to miss another defect, ultimately leading to his termination. Spirit AeroSystems eventually acknowledged the drilling issue, causing delays for Boeing.

Dean filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration, alleging he was scapegoated to conceal these production problems. He also filed a wrongful termination claim with the Department of Labor, which remained unresolved at the time of his passing.

Following a January incident where a door hatch detached from a Boeing 737 Max during an Alaska Airlines flight, a former colleague of Dean’s corroborated his claims to the Seattle Times.

Dean’s death follows the March passing of John Barnett, another Boeing whistleblower who died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Barnett’s death remains under investigation due to concerns raised by his lawyers.

Brian Knowles, the attorney representing both Dean and Barnett, stated that Dean’s bravery in exposing safety concerns was a significant loss to the aviation industry and the traveling public. Knowles declined to comment on speculation linking the deaths, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and a culture where whistleblowers are not silenced, NPR reported.

That same attorney named Brian Knowles, had also been representing Dean.

“Josh’s passing is a loss to the aviation community and the flying public,” Knowles said to TIME.

“He possessed tremendous courage to stand up for what he felt was true and right and raised quality and safety issues,” Knowles continued.

When questioned whether he agreed with the emerging theories connecting his clients’ deaths one after the other, Knowles said he’d “like to see the evidence from the investigating authorities.”

“What society does not need is people in fear to speak up,” he added.

Spirit AeroSystems spoke to several news outlets and offered condolences to Dean’s family, acknowledging the unexpected nature of his passing, “this sudden loss is stunning news here and for his loved ones.”


  1. Have you noticed all the mysterious deaths with the people that know too much against the government and other places and people? I don’t believe this is a coincidence. Honestly I don’t believe in coincidence anyway.

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