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Louisville police ban street protests after demonstrations went on for months

(The AEGIS Alliance) – LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Police in Louisville are attempting to “lay down the law” by banning street protests and demonstrations in clear violation of constitutional rights.

On Sunday, police in Louisville Kentucky they will ban all street protests and marches after a violent clash with police over the weekend that resulted in 12 people being arrested.

Louisville Metro Police Department made the announcement that comes after longer than 70 days of Black Lives Matter demonstrations over the Breonna Taylor’s police shooting death that happened on March 13 when she was killed while in her bed during an unjustified raid.

The LMPD tweeted, saying:

“These caravans continue to pose serious safety risks, for protestors and the public. Effective Sunday, police said all pedestrians in the city must remain on sidewalks following all laws for pedestrian traffic,” LMPD wrote on twitter.

“Cars and pedestrians will not be allowed to block intersections for any length of time. Participants who refuse to comply with any law or lawful order will be eligible for citation and/or arrest,” LMPD tweeted.

12 people were placed under arrest on Saturday night for allegedly flipping tables at a Live event on Fourth Street set fire to trashcans, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported. Eight of the arrests were on felony charges.

Police spokesman Lamong Washington said the demonstrators also fired paintballs at cars that were passing by before a Jefferson Square march.

26-year-old EMP Breonna Taylor, was asleep in her bed with her boyfriend when undercover cops broke into her home at 1 a.m. on March 13 and fired fatal gunshots at her.

Kenneth Walker who is Taylor’s boyfriend said to police that he pulled out a gun which he is legally licensed to own and didn’t realize the intruders were police officers.

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