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(Video) Ohio Woman Tasered, Arrested for Trespassing After Refusing to Wear a Mask at Football Game

LOGAN, OHIO A woman attending a middle school football game on Wednesday was tasered and arrested by a cop for criminal trespassing after she wasn’t wearing a facemask while in the bleachers.

The woman was with her mother sitting in the bleachers when she and a police officer got into a confrontation over mask-wearing at a middle school in Logan, Ohio, according to The Marietta Times.

Video of the altercation was uploaded to YouTube that shows the woman resisting the officer that struggled to put her in handcuffs for about two minutes before the cop used his taser on her.

The woman in the video has been identified as Alecia Kitts, in the video, she told the officer repeatedly to “get off of me.”

“You’re not arresting me for nothing, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” Kitts shouted after the officer gave her an order to put her hands behind her back.

When the officer tasered Kitts, she fell to a lower tier of the stands, the footage shows. Other people watching the game were shocked by the use of force.

“Tasing this lady over not wearing a damn mask,” a witness is heard saying.

The officer finally manages to haul the woman away, and her mother is heard pleading with the officer, saying “Come on, it’s just a mask!”

Kitts had an American-flag themed facemask tucked into her back shorts pocket. She was at the football game to support the visiting team from Marietta City Schools.

The Logan Police Department said they are investigating the incident.

Logan Athletic Director Theresa Schultheiss said Kitts and her mother were the only two people out of 300 fans in the stadium who had “issues” complying with mask requirements in the state.

“This rule has been in effect since we were told we could play,” Schultheiss said.

“Everyone that came through ticketing tonight was reminded, we had regular announcements over the PA reminding you that mouths and noses needed to be covered and we had signs at the bathrooms.”

Kitts was arrested for criminal trespassing, but only after she wasn’t wearing a facemask. Is this taking COVID-19 restrictions too far?

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