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Philadelphia school teacher faces 100 counts of child porn

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Philadelphia school district worker is facing charges of 100 counts of child porn over purportedly possessing greater than 200 illicit photos.

On Monday, the Chester County District Attorney’s Office revealed that 45-year-old Daniel Gaudiello had been arrested on 50 counts of disseminating child porn, also 50 counts of child porn possession as well as “criminal use of a communications facility.”

The District Attorney’s office pointed out that back in May, police in the area obtained details from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as well as the Delaware County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that 145 photos containing child porn had been “uploaded to an internet provider.”

The photos that were purportedly sent out to and coming from an e-mail address between the times of February 2019 and April 2021, depicted “naked prepubescent girls between six and ten years of age in sexually suggestive dress and poses,” the DA’s office stated.

“It is sickening to think of the innocent young children who were posed and photographed to satisfy the degenerate behavior of the defendant and others like him,” District Attorney Deb Ryan stated according to a press release.

Authorities tracked the photos to Gaudiello’s residence and then carried out a search warrant back in May. Computers, as well as flash drives, confiscated in the course of the search, had photos on them that “depicted child pornography which (Gaudiello) had uploaded and distributed,” the press release said.

Officials affirmed that Gaudiello works for the Philadelphia School District.

The school district mentioned it “takes the safety and well-being of all students placed in our care very seriously.”

“Any behavior that violates that trust is unacceptable. Upon learning of this recent matter, the District took immediate action to reassign the individual and prevent any further interaction with our students,” the school district pointed out and included that Gaudiello hasn’t “actively been employed as a teacher” for the school district since May 19.

Gaudiello had been released from jail after managing to pay a $100,000 bond amount. He is scheduled to appear at a July 21 preliminary hearing.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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