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Pennsylvania rape victim held captive for months rescued after leaving notes in public bathrooms

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A woman in Pennsylvania that was being held captive for greater than 2 months got rescued earlier this week following her leaving notes in a couple of public bathrooms, according to authorities.

The affirmed rapist implicated in keeping her against her will in his house was apprehended on Sunday. A SWAT team raided the residence that was written on the notes and also discovered the victim in the house, WBAY initially reported.

“If I don’t make it, tell my family I love them,” the woman had apparently written in her initial note that had been discovered last week in a Carnegie Walmart outlet, not far from Pittsburgh.

The note additionally explained that Corey Brewer, age 38, had been keeping her captive, possessed a knife, and also was sexually and physically abusing her, according to WPXI. Walmart workers located the note and handed it over to the cops on July 8.

Authorities stated they headed to the address in Scott Township from the note yet nobody responded to the doorbell.

A couple of days afterward, a similar note was located inside the women’s restroom at the Fallingwater Museum in Mill Run, police pointed out. Authorities at that point went back to the residence with a SWAT team and dealt with the suspect.

Corey Brewer is facing charges of sexual assault, unlawful restraint, strangulation, as well as other criminal offenses.

The woman that was noticeably wounded, told cops afterward that she had been held captive against her will since May 1.

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