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Age 74 woman arrested, was allegedly driving ‘erratically,’ led cops in Arizona on a multicity police chase

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A 74-year-old woman from New York got arrested in Arizona after it’s alleged she was driving unsafely and had a suspended license, she led the authorities on a long police pursuit through multiple cities.

The Cottonwood Police Department posted on Facebook that on Saturday, July 9, several calls were made to the Sedona Police concerning an “elderly female subject’s erratic and disorderly behavior.” Sedona Police promptly found out that the driver was using a revoked license and was not legally allowed to drive.

Officers reportedly tried to stop the driver, Laura Duffy, in her orange Subaru Crosstrek, but she allegedly did not comply. Then she led Sedona Police on a pursuit until the city limits, and Sedona Police called in Cottonwood Police for assistance.

Cottonwood Police later located Duffy on State Route 89A and reportedly initiated a traffic stop, but she did not respond to officers’ requests. She allegedly ran a red light and “nearly collided with several other vehicles” while doing so. Cottonwood Police “initiated a pursuit” at that point and followed her on South Main Street.

The statement says Duffy was stopped at a red light at South Main and East Cottonwood streets when officers “attempted to remove the driver from the vehicle.” When the light turned, however, she allegedly “proceeded to accelerate quickly, veering left towards Officers.”

Duffy reportedly continued driving “recklessly” on Main Street, but Cottonwood Police stopped the pursuit out of concerns for public safety.

Cottonwood Police said officers gave Duffy “multiple opportunities during this pursuit to discontinue the erratic driving,” but she “continued to circle through Cottonwood and Clarkdale presenting a serious danger to the public and showing no regard for life.”

As Duffy reportedly drove into Clarksdale for a second time, Clarksdale Police tried to stop her and allegedly noticed she was driving on the wrong side of the street on State Road 89A back towards Cottonwood.

Cottonwood Police reportedly deployed stop sticks on the road, which caused two of Duffy’s tires to pop. Duffy’s car reportedly started slowing down, and Cottonwood police completed a pursuit intervention technique, which made her car spin and then came to a complete stop.

Duffy, however, allegedly tried backing into one of the patrol cars and caused “serious damage” to the driver’s side. Cottonwood and Clarksdale Police officers cornered Duffy and were able to apprehend her.

According to Cottonwood Police, on June 30, Arizona Department of Public Safety Troopers stopped Duffy for driving the wrong way on I-40. She was booked into the Yavapai County Detention Center on charges of felony flight, aggravated assault on law enforcement, criminal damage, and resisting arrest.

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