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‘Move to Canada’ Type Google Searches Skyrocket After Presidential Debate

(The AEGIS Alliance) – People in the United States may end up heading up north instead of the ballot box following Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

‘Move to Canada’ types of Google searches skyrocketed after the hectic 2020 presidential election debate between Republican President Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden.

Search queries for “how to apply for Canadian citizenship” had a big spike at around an hour into the chaotic back and forth yelling battle between the two candidates. The searches peaked at about 10:30 pm EST and have continued since then, Google trends shows. There was also a spike around September 18 to 20.

Massachusetts, Michigan, and Ohio were the most popular states for the search. There were also surges in searches for “Move to Canada” and “How to move to Canada” while the debate debacle throwdown was happening that was filled with incomplete points, interruptions, nasty attacks, and veering off into answers unrelated to the moderator’s questions. Debate moderator Chris Wallace did mention that Trump interrupted more than Biden.

We previously reported that Canada’s immigration website had crashed in November 2016 because of so many Americans looking into making the move across the northern border.

One Canadian twitter user showed their support for the would-be Canadian migrators:

There were also less supportive Canadians though, but jokingly:

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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