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Trump, Bush, Hannity and Rick Scott’s Best Sheriff Friend Under DOJ and State Investigation

LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA Here’s what you get in a GOP utopia with a jackbooted thug sheriff crony of President Trump and VP Mike Pence. Lee County, Florida Sheriff Carmine Marceno has been funded by former President George W. Bush. Fox News’ Sean Hannity praised him and he was appointed by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL).

There is currently government crime and corruption at an incredible level. This is all documented by government documents from the Department of Justice and the State of Florida.

In this “real world” example of things to come, the prosecutor or state’s attorney and the courts are of the same political persuasion in this GOP utopia which enhances the police state corruption and oppression. The below links also detail how a police state regime handles political dissent protected under the First Amendment where core protected political speech becomes a crime. If you think the crackdown on political protests is heavy-handed now, just wait for 4 more years for a taste of a full-blown militarized police state.

This is the future of the United States if four more years happens. The Florida Sheriff involved is pictured in this article and the link below alongside Trump, Pence, Senator Rick Scott, and Sean Hannity. A glimpse into Lee County, Florida, named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee reveals it has been run by the GOP for decades and the analogous growing danger of four more years for the rest of the United States that has not yet reached this level of government depravity…yet.

Trump, Pence, G.W. Bush, Sean Hannity, and Senator Rick Scott’s best sheriff friend, Carmine Marceno, under DOJ and State investigationCLICK HERE

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno Cover-Up of State Attorney Amira Fox’s Forgery! (Including evidence and documents) – CLICK HERE

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno and his Felony Corruption Exposed! (Including evidence and documents) – CLICK HERE

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