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Prison warden and his twin charged for fatally shooting migrant

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The warden of a prison and his twin brother are facing manslaughter charges following authorities stating the two fired gunshots at a group of migrants while they were traversing through a Texas road area, one person was killed and another was injured.

The fatal violence unraveled Hudspeth County near Sierra Blanca on Tuesday, a village in the Chihuahuan Desert situated around 25 miles away from Mexico’s borderline. 13 migrants had been gathering water coming from a reservoir in the area when a truck vehicle passed by, sped through, and afterward turned back around toward the migrants, authorities noted.

Michael Sheppard is the warden for a private immigration detention facility in Sierra Blanca who then got out of his truck and “leaned on the hood of the vehicle and fired two shots from a firearm at the group,” a sworn statement from Friday reveals.

“Did you get him?” the warden’s sibling, Mark Sheppard, apparently inquired him.

Detectives pointed out the bros at that point fled the scene in the truck without verifying whether anybody had been shot.

A guy in the group passed away while a lady got wounded during the shooting. Their identities have not been released.

Later on, the migrants informed authorities the male suspects cursed at them before the assault. They were additionally capable of offering a description of the shooter’s automobile which led police to Michael Sheppard’s home driveway. While he recognized the vehicle positioned in front of his residence belonged to him, Michael had been “reluctant to speak,” the sworn statement indicates.

In a different meeting, Mark Sheppard at first rejected going to the location where the shooting took place. He eventually admitted to being there, however, only since he and his sibling were looking for wild game to hunt.

“Mark Sheppard told us he used binoculars and saw a ‘black butt’ thinking it was a javelina,” the affidavit reads. At that point, his twin “exited the truck with a shotgun” and discharged two gunshots.

The twin brothers, both 60 years of age, were apprehended on Thursday and booked into the El Paso County Jail where they’re facing manslaughter charges.

Cassie Mayberry – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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