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Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner facing several sexual assault against children charges

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The key suspect in the shocking Madeleine McCann case is now facing several sex-related charges against kids.Convicted rapist Christian Brueckner...

Texas man allegedly strangled 2 newborns in the hospital while his girlfriend was in labor

(The AEGIS Alliance) - An age 18 male suspect in Odessa, Texas was apprehended by authorities following the man purportedly forcing his way into a hospital...

Prison warden and his twin charged for fatally shooting migrant

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The warden of a prison and his twin brother are facing manslaughter charges following authorities stating the two fired gunshots...

Police seize 328K fentanyl pills, 2 kg of cocaine, a ghost gun in Pasadena bust

(The AEGIS Alliance) - The Pasadena Police Department revealed a massive drug seizure on Saturday where greater than 300,000 fentanyl pills and 2 kilos...

Hundreds of dogs rescued after dogfighting bust in South Carolina

(The AEGIS Alliance) - Dogs by the hundreds have been saved and greater than twenty individuals have been apprehended as a component of what...

Colorado teen girl crashes car into home while fleeing party bust

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A big party that happened on Friday evening in Colorado ended with 3 teen girls plunging right into the face...

Willowbrook, California man admits to bank robbery crime spree while on parole for robbing banks

(The AEGIS Alliance) - A Willowbrook, California man gave a guilty plea to federal bank robbery charges he committed against a number of banks...

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