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After Women Rejected Him, a Narcotics Officer Shot up a Brooklyn Bar

(The AEGIS Alliance) – BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – An officer who works as a narcotics investigator was arrested on Friday after he shot up a bar in Brooklyn because of female customers who were ignoring his gradually more aggressive tries to talk with them, The Daily Beast reported.

31-year-old Stephen Abreu who works with the Office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor as an investigator was seen by witnesses approaching 32-year-old woman Ana Yamel at a bar named Williamsburg bar Horses & Divorces where Abreu followed Yamel to her table that she was hanging out with her friends at, according to The Daily Beast.

Witnesses allege Abreu grabbed an orange out of a basket nearby then threw it at Yamel’s table and it smashed a drinking glass. Abreu was asked by a bartender to leave the place, but then witnesses allege that the officer punched the bartender in his face. Abreu then reached for his handgun, pulled it out and fired a couple of bullets inside the bar, but then a bounder wrestled him to the ground. There were no injuries reported during the incident, The Daily Beast wrote.

According to The Daily Beast, A 31-year-old friend of Yamel’s named Annie Pearlman said, “The fact he is a law enforcement officer is horrifying to us… there is no way this person should be in a position of power over other people.”

Stephen Abreu is listed as a board trustee for NYC’s Detective Investigators Association. Pending further investigation, Abreu has been suspended from his employment position with the department.

The Daily Beast reports that Stephen Abreu has been charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree and felony attempted murder. Abreu was released from jail without bail on Friday.

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