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Kindergarten teacher who poisoned students’ porridge that killed a child, is executed in China

In China, a kindergarten instructor, who administered poisonous sodium nitrate-laced cereal to her pupils, causing the death of one child and harming twenty-four others, due to her resentment towards a colleague, has been put to death.

Wang Yun, aged 40, was escorted to the site of execution in the city of Jiaozuo, located in the Henan province. On Thursday, Wang Yun was executed, as stated on Friday in a notice displayed on the exterior of the No. 1 Intermediate Court.

Authorities refrained from providing any remarks on the technique employed for Wang’s death penalty. The majority of capital punishments in China are implemented by placing a projectile at the rear of the head, although in certain instances, deadly injections are administered.

Wang’s demise occurred in under two years subsequent to her condemnation of capital punishment in the extensive child poisoning incident that caused an uproar in China.

The ex-instructor was condemned in court as “despicable and vicious” and tried to appeal the court ruling, but her plea to get leniency was rejected.

Kindergarten teacher who poisoned students’ porridge that killed a child, is executed in China
On Thursday, Wang Yun, who was 40 years old, faced capital punishment for the act of poisoning 25 students at Mengmeng Kindergarten. This malicious act led to the death of one young innocent child.

Wang purchased a quantity of sodium nitrite in March 2019, which is a greatly poisonous substance present in explosives, fertilizers, and munitions, following being engaged in a conflict with a coworker associated with “student management.”

State media indicated the court discovered that the following day at Mengmeng Kindergarten, she scattered a portion of the chemical mixture into the youngsters’ “eight treasures porridge”.

Kindergarten teacher who poisoned students’ porridge that killed a child, is executed in China
In 2020, a court determined that Wang spiked the kids’ morning meal of porridge with harmful sodium nitrate.

“Eight Treasures porridge” is a popular porridge in China that is sweet rice-based.

The breakfast meal infused with nitrates made 25 kids ill, resulting in a number of children experiencing dizziness and severe nausea.

“The kids said the porridge tasted salty,” a parent said to the Beijing News, a Global Times report wrote.

The majority of the youth experienced minor harm and healed not long afterward, but one pupil passed away in January 2020 due to a combination of organ dysfunction, following a 10-month period of medical care.

Kindergarten teacher who poisoned students’ porridge that killed a child, is executed in China
In March 2019, Wang’s group of 25 pupils experienced feelings of dizziness and nausea while in the classroom, following the consumption of food contaminated with poisonous substances.

Wang, an individual who didn’t complete high school, had administered a noxious substance to her husband using a drink following a dispute in 2017. Her spouse managed to survive the incident with minor harm.

Although her intention was portrayed as vengeance, it remained uncertain whether she intended to murder or simply afflict her spouse and the group of innocent students.

Initially, she received a mere nine-month prison term for intentional injury, yet the punishment was subsequently elevated to capital punishment.

China is thought to carry out the capital punishment of numerous inmates annually, surpassing the combined total of other nations worldwide, as per Amnesty International’s approximations. Nonetheless, the precise number is classified information.

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