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Michigan Dad used 7-year-old daughter as ‘currency’ for sex with child predator’s girlfriend

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A father in Michigan took illicit photographs of his own little girl and attempted to make use of the age 7 girl as “currency” in exchange for sex with an alleged child predator’s girlfriend, according to police on Wednesday.

There was an investigation into a separate victim being abused, a 21-year-old woman who has special needs when detectives made the troubling finding this month. While investigators searched the Mt. Morris residence of Daniel Flowers, police officers discovered a backpack full of toys and candy in addition to pictures of a young girl on Flowers’ smartphone, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office stated.

After the search, the guy that sent out those photos to Flowers was determined to be Jerome Chene, age 28, that was evidently using his little girl in exchange for sexual activities with Flowers’ girlfriend, Sheriff’s pointed out.

“Can you imagine, a 7-year-old girl being used as currency?” Sheriff Chris Swanson stated at a press release. “This young life was being exploited by somebody very close so that person could have sex with another human being.”

Chene was apprehended this past week after turning up at Flowers’ condo “to facilitate the exploitation” of his little girl, Swanson pointed out. 36-year-old Daniel Flowers, as well as his girlfriend, age 31 Michelle Erwin, are also facing charges.

The investigation started on July 2 after a registered nurse expressed to authorities that a person who was a patient of her’s disclosed they were being mistreated at an Mt. Morris residence.

The Genesee County Human Oppression Strike Team referred to as G.H.O.S.T., took control of the case and they found out the young woman had met up with Flowers as well as Erwin on the social networking app MeetMe and were also living with them. Investigators disclosed that the couple had “facilitated people to come to have sex with this special-needs individual,” Swanson stated.

Authorities at that point searched the suspects’ residence and discovered the youngster’s pictures in addition to one more thing that captured their interest, a backpack full of “provocative things, disturbing things,” that included sour patch candy.

“It’s not uncommon that a predator would use (items) like Hatchimals, coloring books, plush toys — in this case, from ‘Frozen’ — and candy,” Swanson informed the media.

The 3 suspects are all facing charges of a number of child sex crimes and also could potentially spend decades behind bars if found guilty.

Swanson advised the neighborhood to remain alert and report any sort of suspicious activity in their area, cautioning that child abuse “is happening in everybody’s backyard.”

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