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Oregon man’s .778 DUI could be a U.S. blood-alcohol level record

(The AEGIS Alliance) – It would be an impressive record if not so extremely dangerous.

An Oregon man who allegedly had a .778 blood-alcohol level when he led police on a really quick chase that led to a one-car crash has been identified as Nathan Danzuka, age 28, a police report reveals.

The Warm Springs Tribal Police Department reports that it started pursuing Danzuka on the tribal property after being notified by local authorities of a white SUV involved in a “hit and run” at a service station. When tribal police pulled over the allegedly intoxicated motorist, they report recognizing alcohol containers in his Ford Explorer. Rather than following officers’ advice to exit his automobile, Danzuka is accused of leading police on a chase that lasted half a mile, then ended with him crashing into a concrete barrier.

Danzuka was taken to a medical center to be evaluated after the collision.

His blood-alcohol level was stated to be over 9 times the legal limit. The highest BACs reported include a previous record of .72, blown by an Oregon lady in 2007, and a .708 record in 2009 by a woman in South Dakota.

That report stated the suspect, described as “HIGHLY intoxicated,” was driving on a suspended license on account of a prior DUI charge.

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