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See Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’ Unredacted (PDF)

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The official story of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death is that he committed suicide, but there is some credible evidence that shows Epstein didn’t kill himself, including his graphic autopsy photos that were revealed in a report by the popular TV show 60 Minutes.

The autopsy photos reveal that this was no suicide by hanging, but that the injuries on Epstein’s neck are what appears to be from being strangled and choked to death. There was an extension cord nearby Epstein’s jail cell that could have been used to murder him. There is also the fact that Epstein’s jail cell guards happened to be asleep at the time of his death, and that the security cameras weren’t working, or that the video footage was somehow lost.

Whatever the true story behind Epstein’s death is, there was an apparent motive to have him killed, namely that he would have testified against many people in power and exposed these elites as being pedophiles.

The FBI was believed to have been investigating the role of a “Criminal Enterprise” in the death of Jeffrey Epstein, according to testimony given to U.S. congress.

As a disclaimer, there may be some people in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book who were never in contact with him, and several people in the black book have already denied they were ever in contact with him. We can neither confirm nor deny that the people in the black book knew or were in contact with Epstein, nor that they participated in child sex crimes with Epstein. There may even be names of victims in the black book.

This release is believed to have come from an FBI database hack or leak, but it was most likely leaked, and it came from the court in Florida where Epstein had his first trial and got off with the “Sweetheart Deal.” The purpose of this release is for the freedom of information and the integrity that real journalism can have.

Here is the PDF file of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book Unredacted

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