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Dozens of Jeffrey Epstein-related Ghislaine Maxwell court documents released

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Dozens of newly released bundles of Ghislaine Maxwell court documents were unsealed following the implicated madam for who actually believes he killed himself, pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein lost her fight for them to remain unrevealed to the public.

There were 52 new documents released on Thursday evening connect to a previously settled defamation suit submitted through Epstein as well as Maxwell’s very most blunt accusers named Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Included in the documentation which has been released is Maxwell’s attempts to prevent demands coming from Giuffre to acquire her financial files.

The files are the most recent that Preska allowed being unsealed concerning the defamation lawsuit, as 59-year-old British socialite Maxwell is still currently jailed in Brooklyn waiting for her trial involving purportedly acquiring underage girls.

A released document shows a request for a person to remain at Jeffrey Epstein’s manor to “help train new staff with Ghislaine.”

The newest bundle consisting of an amount that reveals handwritten phone call records of messages sent to Epstein during the early 2000s, lots of them coming from Maxwell, some of them re about setting up massages for Epstein the dead pedophile.

One such document consists of a request for a person to remain at Epstein’s Florida mansion house to “help train new staff with Ghislaine.” A document additionally discusses a person who’s in “college.”

Another part consists of a portion of Maxwell’s deposition in the defamation lawsuit where she was inquired about the women’s ages that had visited Epstein’s Palm Beach estate for “rub-downs.”

“The ones that I did recognize were roughly my age,” Maxwell answered. “The ones I don’t know, I wouldn’t have a clue.”

A document reveals a message states a person is “going to meet Ghislaine and go with her to the ranch.”

The documentations additionally consist of sections of the bombshell 2016 deposition of Rinaldo Rizzo, a previous gourmet chef for a hedge fund manager named Glenn Dubin, that asserted Epstein, as well as Maxwell, took a dizzy or potentially intoxicated Swedish girl, age 15, to Dubin’s property.

Rizzo claimed the girl had been left resting on a barstool in the home kitchen as he and his wife were prepping the evening dinner.

“She proceeds to tell my wife and I that … ‘I was on an island, I was on the island and there was Ghislaine” and another woman. “‘They asked me for sex, I said no,’” Rizzo claimed.

“I said this is nuts,” Rizzo stated, while the underage girl said she didn’t have a phone and that her passport was taken away from her.

Dubin and his wife, Eva Andersson Dubin, who at one point in time dated Epstein, deny that they knew anything about the late pedophile Epstein’s actions.

One of the documents includes a message about Jeffrey Epstein referring to a person being or desiring to be in college.
A document shows Jeffrey Epstein referring to a person staying in school.

Maxwell is currently waiting for her criminal trial to begin for purportedly acquiring underage females for Epstein to abuse during the 1990s and also in the early 2000s.

Maxwell is currently detained by a judge’s order until her trial has been completed and is behind bars at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

Ghislaine Maxwell gave a not guilty plea and has filed for an appeal 5 different times to be discharged from prison pending trial, however, her appeals have been denied every time.

Prince Andrew has likewise emphatically rejected any kind of link to Epstein’s immoral sexual activity. But, there is reason to believe Prince Andrew is lying.

‘Motherload’ of Epstein Docs The AEGIS Alliance Obtained and Maxwell Depos (ZIPs/665 MB)

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