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Graphic Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Photos on “60 Minutes” Prove Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

60 MINUTES – The popular TV show 60 Minutes delve deep into Jeffrey Epstein’s death on Sunday night. The show included photos taken from inside Epstein’s jail cell after his hanging, and graphic autopsy photos.

Last August, Epstein’s death was ruled a suicide, but his autopsy photos are revealing a different story, according to Dr Michael Baden who is a former New York City Medical Examiner. Dr Baden observed the autopsy at the behalf of the Epstein family. The photos taken from inside Epstein’s jail cell show bed sheet that were made into a couple nooses. The autopsy photos also reveal a thin, bloody line going across the middle of Epstein’s throat. Dr Baden says that these images don’t add up to the death being a suicide.

It’s worth noting that the guards who were in charge of guarding Epstein’s jail cell happened to be “asleep” at the time of his death, and somehow the security cameras were turned off at the time. Some security footage was later found but then was seemingly lost and vanished.

Dr Michael Baden said, “This noose doesn’t match the ligature furrow mark. It’s wider than this. Most hangings, especially free hangings, the ligature slides up to beneath the jawbone, the mandible,” he added. “Here it’s in the middle of the neck.”

The hanging noose in the cell also appeared that it didn’t have any blood on it. There were also electrical extension cables in the jail cell that would have been a much more efficient choice for a person wanting to commit suicide.

A photo of Epstein’s broken hyoid bone was also shown on 60 Minutes, which is a small bone located in the neck. The autopsy reveals that all three small neck bones were broken, which is something Dr. Baden has never seen happen in a suicide case.

He also pointed out the placement on the bloodied neck injuries, which doesn’t happen in a suicide, and is common to see when someone is strangled by a wire.

Dr. Baden pointed out that these findings are more indications that Epstein didn’t kill himself.

“I have never seen three fractures like this in a suicidal hanging. Going over over a thousand jail hangings, suicides, in the New York state prisons over the past 40, 50 years, no one had three fractures,” Dr Baden said.

The conclusion by Dr Baden adds more fuel to the fire for the credible conspiracy theory that Epstein didn’t kill himself and was instead murdered. Epstein was a convicted sex offender who is associated with some of the most powerful people in the world, including former President Bill Clinton, and current President Donald J Trump.

However, the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office is still standing by it’s official ruling of suicide, even despite the information some have gathered from the autopsy photos.

Others fully disagree with Dr Baden, including former federal prison warden Cameron Lindsay, who when asked if it’s at all possible if Epstein could have been murdered, said, “Absolutely, unequivocally not.”

Although, a former medical examiner such as Dr Baden would have far more expertise about the subject when compared to some former federal prison warden who is not an expert on the subject.

There was clearly plenty of motive to have Epstein murdered, including the fact that he could’ve testified against the “elites” and many people in power. The FBI is believed to be investigating the role of a “criminal enterprise” in Epstein’s death.

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