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Police Arrest Two People at Fresno Diner Defying Stay-at-Home Order on Mother’s Day

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – In a surprising turn of events, police arrested at least two individuals after a confrontation ensued at a diner in Fresno, California. The diner had boldly defied the stay-at-home order imposed by local lawmakers.

The Waffle Shop, located in Fresno, was the center of this controversy. As eager diners stood in line, police officers arrived at the scene, aiming to enter the restaurant and enforce the stay-at-home order. However, the diners refused to comply with the officers’ instructions, leading to a tense standoff.

In an attempt to gain access to the restaurant, officers resorted to using force, pushing aside the patrons who refused to move. This escalated the situation, resulting in the arrest of at least two individuals who were taken into police custody.

One eyewitness, Jim Fisher, captured the entire incident on video and shared it on Facebook. Expressing his disappointment, Fisher wrote, “Disgraceful on Mother’s Day.”

The Waffle Shop’s owner, Ammar Ibrahim, had made a conscious decision to reopen his business for the weekend, defying the local stay-at-home orders. Despite receiving a warning from the city’s code enforcement department and the potential consequences he could face, Ibrahim stood firm in his belief that reopening was a matter of “principles and rights.”

Reports from Fox26 indicate that the diners at the Waffle Shop were practicing social distancing, and the restaurant staff were diligently wearing face masks as per CDC guidelines. However, these precautions did not deter the authorities from taking action.

Last Friday, Ibrahim was issued a hefty fine of $1,000, with the city warning that the amount could be increased to $10,000. To add to his troubles, the restaurant’s water supply was abruptly shut off shortly after the fine was issued. Although the City of Fresno denies any involvement in the water supply issue, it remains a point of contention.

Interestingly, among the diners present at the Waffle Shop that day was Councilmember Garry Bredefeld, a vocal critic of the city’s stay-at-home orders. Bredefeld expressed his disappointment in his fellow councilmembers, accusing them of betraying their constituents and disregarding their oath to uphold the Constitution.

The confrontation at the Waffle Shop highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the balance between public health and individual rights during these challenging times. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the enforcement of stay-at-home orders and the rights of business owners in Fresno and beyond.


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