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23 Years in Prison for North Carolina Man Who Lit Girlfriend Doused in Gasoline on Fire

HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – In a shocking and heinous crime, a man from North Carolina has been sentenced to a staggering 23 years in prison for a gruesome act of violence. Anthony Harrison Moore, aged 33, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after drenching his girlfriend, Teresa Ann Prayto Stallings, in gasoline and setting her ablaze, as reported by

The sentencing took place on Friday, with Moore receiving a prison term just shy of 23 years. However, it is important to note that he will not be eligible for parole until he has served a minimum of 18 years behind bars, according to

The horrifying incident occurred in December 2017, following an intense argument between Moore and Stallings. In a fit of rage, Moore poured gasoline over Stallings, before igniting her with a flick of his cigarette lighter. Tragically, Stallings succumbed to her injuries six months later while receiving treatment in the hospital.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against Moore, District Attorney Greg Newman revealed some concerns surrounding the case. During the 911 call, Moore can be heard questioning Stallings about why she lit the lighter, raising doubts about who was truly responsible for setting her on fire. In his defense, Moore claimed that Stallings had been dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Furthermore, there is allegedly a statement from Stallings to a detective while she was hospitalized. However, this statement has been deemed hearsay and was therefore not admissible as evidence during the court trial.


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