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Why I Know Nicotine Vapor is The Safer Option and My Own Experience

There have been real studies done on vapor showing it to be the safer alternative; including a Government Study in the United Kingdom. Vaping will not cause popcorn lung; in fact, it’s more likely to occur from cigarettes. Cigarettes contain upwards of 700 to 1,000 times more Diacetyl than you will ever find in any e-liquids. Furthermore; there isn’t a single case of popcorn lung from vaping. Also, Diacetyl is now not allowed to be used in all e-liquids made in The United States.

The main ingredients in vapor are Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. They’re both not known Carcinogens and have a very low toxicity level. VG is a harmless ingredient used in many foods and is a safe additive that’s used in products that need to stay moist. It’s also used in many dental products, including a person’s denture washing paste, and even toothpaste. VG is even FDA approved as safe for human consumption. PG generally consists of only 30 percent of e-liquid, there is disinformation about PG being used in antifreeze, but actually, it’s toxic cousin is used in anti-freeze, and so is PG, but PG is the one ingredient in antifreeze that makes it so there’s a good chance you or your pet won’t die if you drink it.

Just because something is a chemical doesn’t mean it’s harmful, just like how if something is natural it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Here’s what’s in a cigarette…

whats in cigarettes

I switched from cigarettes to nicotine vapor around four years ago, and my lungs feel much healthier. While smoking cigarettes, I had far less stamina and could only run for a short while before needing to catch my breath; this is not the case after switching to vapor. Plus it motivates me to walk or run my dog more often. I also have more stamina when it comes to lifting weights; doing crunches, or other exercises. Here’s my short story…

switching-to-vapor-benefits e-cigarette health benefits. Image Credit:

After two and a half to three weeks of only vaping; I began to have brown mucus in my throat in the mornings, even snotty brown lumps. It went away after a little while. The brown mucus was all of the built up tar and chemicals built up in my lungs and Bronchial tubes being rejected out of my body. This is from the Aveololi’s in my lungs springing back to life and rejecting all of the bad built up junk; my lungs had began the healing process.

This is due to the known fact that cigarettes lacerate or cut the lungs; but vapor does not. The body absorbs the tar and chemicals from the cigarette  at an increased rate because of this. With vaping; the body actually absorbs less nicotine, because vaping doesn’t lacerate the lungs. e-liquid also doesn’t contain any known carcinogens or cancer causing substances; or harmful types of chemicals. My stamina has also greatly improved. I knew then; that vapor is the safer option. – Kyle James Lee

There’s also hardly any garbage waste produced by vapor products…

cigarette-waste-compared-to-vapor-waste e-cigarette waste compared to cigarette waste. Image Credit:

NOTE: Avoid plastic tanks; citrus e-liquids can make the tanks crack!

I purchase my e-liquids from Vape Joose‘s website; which is found at Their e-liquid is high quality and they’re all clear in color; not too sweet either. I purchase an order five days ahead of time before I run out; as to not run out before my e-liquids arrive. Their shipping times are steady. I might buy a smaller bottle or two from a shop to tide me over. has an excellent variety of great e-liquids at a great price. They send out discount newsletters through email. They also do not use bottle labeling or advertising that is associated with targeting underage sale to minors OR Intellectual Property Theft / IP Theft.

I go with 3 mg nicotine with no extra flavor shots. 3mg of nicotine might sound like a lot unless you use its true value; meaning .3 mg per ml; 3 mg e-liquid is considered a low level of nicotine. 12 mg is too strong for me… 3 mg seems to be the right amount for me; but people use it, my cousin uses 1.5 mg nicotine! I used to vape 6mg but have since lowered it. I prefer the 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are mostly harmless to humans; unless consumed in very large amounts at once. Nicotine itself is similar in this way; being mostly harmless in moderate amounts, and is similar to caffeine. It would take 50 mg of nicotine at once in order to induce a possible nicotine overdose; thus why e-liquid products always tell you to never drink them.

It’s best to keep your mod at 100 watts at the most; in order to not burn up the cotton. I prefer 90 watts.

This has been my story about how vaping is the safer option. Thanks for your time! – Kyle James Lee

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