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6-year-old girl fights off would-be kidnapper in Miami by biting him

According to authorities, a man attempted to abduct a young girl outside her Miami residence, but the courageous 6-year-old valiantly defended herself.

The young child, known as Ah’lyric, and her brothers and sisters were engaged in recreational activities in the outdoor area of their building on Thursday when they observed a white Range Rover stationed close by, as stated in a report of apprehension obtained by NBC South Florida.

The rest of the kids entered the building, while Ah’lyric remained outdoors on the staircase. She informed the authorities that a man, later recognized as Leonardo Venegas, aged 32, took hold of her by her arm.

According to law enforcement officials, the girl made an attempt free herself from his grip. However, while she resisted, he lifted her and attempted to carry her elsewhere.

At that time, she sank her jaws down onto Venegas’ arm.

“I bit him,” Ah’lyric said on Monday to NBC South Florida. The girl informed the media that she learned the defense strategy from her mom.

According to authorities, Venegas released the girl due to the injury inflicted by the bite. Prior to his escape, he slapped her and swiftly departed.

“I’m glad she knew how to fight back,” Teshia McGill, the girl’s mom, informed the media.

6-year-old girl fights off would-be kidnapper in Miami by biting him
She sank her teeth into him, Ah’lyric informed the local press, further stating that she acquired the self-protection strategy from her mother. (NBC Miami)
6-year-old girl fights off would-be kidnapper in Miami by biting him
According to law enforcement, Venegas released Ah’lyric due to the injury inflicted by the bite. Subsequently, he slapped Ah’lyric and hastily fled the scene. (NBC Miami)

Venegas was apprehended on Sunday in Miami-Dade County and is facing charges of abduction and abusing a child for attempting to seize the girl near her residence.

The terrifying incident was recorded on surveillance camera. The video displays Venegas exiting the white colored Range Rover and heading towards the structure. Shortly after, he can be observed sprinting away from the location and returning to his vehicle.

Detectives identified the vehicle’s license plate which led to Venegas’ arrest.

He said to authorities that he had been in the vicinity searching for residences to purchase, however, the housing complex is overseen by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but there were no indications that any of the properties are available for purchase, as indicated in the police report.

When questioned about his flight from the residential building, he informed law enforcement that he had perceived the sound of someone loudly crying out. When interrogators inquired about his encounter with the young girl, he insisted on consulting a lawyer.

6-year-old girl fights off would-be kidnapper in Miami by biting him
The terrifying incident was recorded on the surveillance camera of the residence. (NBC Miami)
6-year-old girl fights off would-be kidnapper in Miami by biting him
Venegas was taken into custody in Miami-Dade County on Sunday and is facing charges of kidnapping and abusing a child. (Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation)

Miami Police Capt. Freddie Cruz said that “this is a case that has us extremely worried, concerned, something that’s not very common. Luckily we were able to apprehend this individual.”

Cruz added that police are investigating if there were more victims.

Cruz concluded and said “if you’re going to be playing outside, which is a wonderful thing, please, try to play in groups, try to have an adult present, some sort of supervision, know where your children or if you’re a guardian, know where they are at.”

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