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‘Popular’ soccer coach arrested, videos of drugged, sexually assaulted boys found on phone he left at restaurant

On Sunday, authorities reported that a soccer coach from Tennessee was apprehended after unintentionally leaving his smartphone at a dining establishment, where staff members stumbled upon distressing recordings of underage boys who had been administered drugs and were subjected to sexual abuse.

“Popular” Coach Camilo Hurtado Campos hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, accidentally forgot his smartphone at a nearby eatery, and a patron graciously found the phone and gave it to the establishment’s employees, as reported by the Franklin Police Department.

According to police, when the staff members tried to examine the mobile device in order to identify who it belonged to, they stumbled upon horrifying video recordings of incapacitated adolescent males being subjected to sexual abuse.

“During an immediate and tireless investigation, Detectives found hundreds of disturbing videos and pictures on that phone,” the Franklin Police Department stated in a press release.

“In many of them, Campos recorded himself raping unconscious boys between the ages of 9 and 17 years old,” police said.

The coach, aged 63, has been residing in the region for two decades. Reportedly, he enticed youngsters by frequenting nearby play areas and enlisting them as members of his soccer team.

Once Campos earned the trust of the children he brought them back to his home, where he drugged and raped, according to police.

After he gained the trust of the kids, Campos took them to his residence, where he gave them drugs, then raped them, authorities said.

‘Popular’ soccer coach arrested, videos of drugged, sexually assaulted boys found on phone he left at restaurant
The arrest of Camilo Hurtado Campos, a soccer coach from Tennessee, occurred when videos depicting his alleged rapes against young boys were found on his smartphone. (Franklin Police Department)

Law enforcement discovered video proof on his mobile device of the sexual mistreatment of at least 10 youngsters. As of now, authorities have identified two of the victims, and the police are making efforts to locate the remaining victims.

Investigators stated that the youngsters appeared to be in a state of unconsciousness in the recordings and might not be aware of the abuse inflicted upon them.

Campos is currently jailed for child rape and exploitation of a minor charge. Additional charges are anticipated as detectives continue to investigate the case.

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