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Minnesota woman arrested for hitting man with a ‘whole chicken’

(The AEGIS Alliance) – An age 36 Minnesota woman suspect is facing legal action for striking a man on the head using a “whole chicken,” as claimed.

The Eagle Lake Police received a call regarding a domestic assault at a residence on Wednesday, February 1st, around 7:30 PM. Upon arriving, the officers could hear loud shouting coming from inside the home, the probable cause statement indicates.

The victim informed the police that while they were returning home from a bar with Natalie Bruemmer, she started hitting him and spitting on him. Upon reaching their home, Bruemmer is alleged to have struck the victim on the back of his head with a whole chicken.

When the police officers talked to the victim, they observed that he still had chicken remains in his hair.

The probable cause statement reveals that Natalie Bruemmer, who had an outstanding warrant from Brown County, was hostile toward the officers as they tried to apprehend her. While being escorted out of the home, she reportedly kept shouting, tried to free her arms, and kicked her legs.

Finally, at some point, Bruemmer became calm.

The complaint states that Natalie Bruemmer is facing charges for domestic assault and hindering legal procedures.

The authorities did not reveal the nature of the relationship between the suspect and the victim.

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