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Texas man allegedly strangled 2 newborns in the hospital while his girlfriend was in labor

(The AEGIS Alliance) – An age 18 male suspect in Odessa, Texas was apprehended by authorities following the man purportedly forcing his way into a hospital nursery and started strangling newborn babies.

On October 3, a Monday, cops were called into the Odessa Regional Medical Hospital concerning a disturbance. Hospital workers apparently informed authorities a guy “forced his way into the nursery and began assaulting patients and staff,” the Odessa Police Department wrote on Facebook.

The suspect is age 18 Marcus McCowan Jr. who apparently became “aggressive toward officers, which led to a physical altercation.”

McCowan apparently made an effort to take a cop’s firearm out of his holster.

The incident took place at about 6:30 p.m. and McCowan went to the medical center since his girl was in labor. He apparently headed to the nurse practitioner’s terminal, took hold of a nurse’s arm, and made an “unintelligible” remark. The nurse apparently asked McCowan to leave, then he apparently started running through the corridor, KMID/KPEJ-TV reported on the affidavit.

McCowan apparently gazed at a mom while she held her newborn, however, she relocated the baby after she observed McCowan continuously looking at the infant. At that point, he ran in the direction of the nurses and pushed them as he made an effort to acquire entry into the nursery area.

After he wasn’t able to get inside the baby’s room, McCowan reportedly snatched the baby he saw and carried it into the lactation area. A nurse apparently observed him place his hands over the infant’s neck, but nurses were at some point able to remove the baby from him.

A respiratory specialist apparently observed McCowan go into the baby’s room, where he took an additional newborn and also began suffocating her. He additionally grabbed the infant and shook her. The baby’s skin color changed to blue.

He reportedly said to the newborn to “die” and also looked like he was going to toss the infant down on the floor. The respiratory specialist managed to take McCowan to the floor and secure the infant’s head.

Jail records indicate Marcus McCowan Jr. is jailed and is facing charges that include 2 counts of attempted capital murder, illegal trespass, assault, attempting to take a weapon from a police officer, resisting apprehension, and drug possession. Odessa Police stated, “numerous charges are pending.”

Odessa Police noted the victims as 2 infants, 2 registered nurses, as well as 1 Odessa law enforcement officer.

Cassie Mayberry – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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