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DEA, National Crime Agency and Portuguese police seize 5 tons of cocaine worth $232 million

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Greater than 5 tons of cocaine with an approximated street value of $232 million was confiscated from a 79-foot luxury yacht on Sunday in the Atlantic Ocean by authorities from Portugal who collaborated with the DEA and the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency.

Authorities from Portugal released a statement regarding the drug seizure that is among the largest in Europe in recent times, as well as the country’s largest in the last 15 years.

The cruising luxury yacht was surrounded by authorities with the aid of the Portuguese Navy and Air Force, where 183 bundles of cocaine had been found.

Three male suspects have been apprehended which authorities think are a component of a significant worldwide drug smuggling ring between Latin America and Europe, getting into the continent by means of the Iberian Peninsula.

A couple of the men who got arrested are Spanish and one is Peruvian, a Portuguese media outlet reported.

The operation called “White Tide” was in collaboration with authorities coming from Portugal, Spain, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as well as the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency.

Portuguese police chief Luis Neves (Center) addresses the media in front of the seized cocaine. (AP Photo)

“We are always expecting [more drug trafficking] and this is the message we want to send organizations: We are waiting for you,” Portugal’s Judiciary Police Chief Luis Neves pointed out in a press release with reporters on Monday.

“Those who have to fall will fall because this amount of drugs is an immense fortune and a huge blow for criminal groups.”

Some of the cocaine that was seized in the bust.

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  1. Only a little shuffled cards, shifted time and replaced some people … nothing terrible. The whole old continent has been held for more than 10 years by certain people from countries that are in Europe but do not really belong to the union :)

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