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Illinois woman arrested for fatally shooting man who refused to kiss her

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A man’s rejection to giving a woman a kiss while he was in front of his girlfriend resulted in murder after the turned down suspect got hold of the victim’s personal firearm, then fatally fired a gunshot at his upper body, Illinois cops and prosecutors say.

28-year-old Claudia Resendiz-Florez has been booked into jail with no bond as of Monday for the fatal shooting death of age 29 James Jones. The woman apparently admitted to the murder that had occurred last Thursday evening at a house in Rolling Meadows, not far north of Chicago.

Authorities haven’t disclosed any kind of information regarding the case, however, prosecutors in Cook County described the shocking accusations at a Saturday court hearing.

Resendiz-Florez who’d just recently moved into the victim’s and his girlfriend’s residence was socializing with both of them the evening of the fatal shooting when she had asked Jones to kiss her, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Jones declined and then looked toward his girlfriend and kissed her instead, prosecutors pointed out.

At that point, the female murder suspect ended up becoming infuriated, then grabbed for the victim’s gun from a close-by couch. The woman at that point shot Jones in his upper body with a single shot that killed him, authorities stated.

The girlfriend phoned 911, yet the victim was not able to be saved.

Claudia Resendiz-Florez was apprehended without any additional incident and is facing a first-degree murder charge. She is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

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