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Woman Gave Server $5,000 Tip, Used Boyfriend’s Credit Card for Revenge

PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDAA woman was being praised after leaving a generously large $5,000 tip for a server at the Clear Sky Cafe in Clearwater, Florida. However, she has now been arrested and faces grand theft charges for allegedly using her boyfriend’s credit card following an incident where he refused to buy a plane ticket for her to get back to New York.

Serina Wolfe, age 24, allegedly used her boyfriend’s credit card without him being aware of it after he wouldn’t purchase a plane ticket for her to get back home to Buffalo, New York, according to Fox 2 Now.

Wolfe’s boyfriend initially placed a hold on his credit card, so she wouldn’t be able to buy a ticket with it, but he eventually lifted the hold. After that, Wolfe allegedly used the man’s credit card to leave a big tip of $5,000 on a bill that only cost $55.37, multiple media outlets reported.

It is unknown if the server will still get to keep the big tip of money. The restaurant said it already paid out the tip to the server, but the charge was marked as fraudulent by Wolfe’s boyfriend.

Previous reports said that the server named Ryan, was going through tough times, including recently having to put her dog down.

At first, Wolfe denied she made the purchase, and her boyfriend thought she was drunk, or that she was trying to exact revenge. Wolfee gave her boyfriend’s card to the police voluntarily and has been arrested on charges of grand theft.

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