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H.R. McMaster Warns U.S. War With North Korea “Increasingly Likely Every Day”

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Sunday on Fox News, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster spoke and reported that the chances of a U.S. war with North Korea is “increasing every day,” he warned that the U.S. is in an ongoing “race” to solve these problems.

“Every time he conducts a missile launch, a nuclear test, he gets better,” he added.

McMaster’s implicating comments are that the U.S. feels it is increasingly coming to a point where it’s intending to outright launch an attack on North Korea. H.R. McMaster’s other comments mentioned that “taking care of” North Korea unilaterally reflects this reality. This means that the U.S. may intend to strike without being in agreement with other nations.

Image: TheAntiMedia.org

North Korea’s state ran media claims the successful test of their new type of missile, named the Hwasong-15, proved it’s able to deliver a “super-large heavy warhead” to the U.S. Experts confirmed the missile to be real, which North Korea calls “the most powerful ICBM,” (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.) that would have placed the east coast U.S. within range. However, it remains unclear if North Korea is capable of the technology in order to mount a heavy nuclear warhead onto a long-range missile.

North Korea isn’t expected to attack anyone itself after-all, with the nation continuing to make attempts at reaching a point of deterrent capability where an attack by the United States for all intents and purposes to become impossible. The question then turns into whether the U.S. actually will strike North Korea before an attack such as this is no longer possible.

Although, the other question is, taking into account North Korea’s increasing nuclear development missile capabilities, whether or not the North Koreans have already acquired a retaliatory deterrent capability which would preclude a strike by U.S.

The comments made by McMaster seem to give the suggestion the U.S. still considers striking North Korea an option. Doing this will also doubtlessly lead to the deaths of many millions of people.

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