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Police: Las Vegas woman lights fire, attacks date after he showed up with $5

(The AEGIS Alliance) – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – A woman, age 43 was arrested for trying to kill her dinner date.

Las Vegas police say Kimberly Marika Johnson turned upset when her buddy showed up for dinner at Jerry’s Nugget with just $5 in his pocket in 2020 on October 11.

When Johnson discovered the male person was unable to pay for dinner, the 2 started arguing, and Johnson made the pal stroll 2.5 miles to his residence in a North Las Vegas condo.

About 20 minutes after he arrived at his apartment, Johnson showed up and the man “heard a splashing sound on the window and front door.” The guy opened the door just when it was alleged that Johnson ignited a fire. The man reportedly slammed the burning door shut, then Johnson allegedly used a hammer to break the front home windows of the residence and threw her flaming purse into the house.

Johnson is facing charges of arson and attempted homicide.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the fire began at 5:30 a.m., a North Las Vegas Fire Department investigator said.

“He opened the front door just as Kimberly ignited the gas vapors,” the investigator stated. “The front door and mat are fully engulfed in flames. [The man] slammed the burning front door shut. Kimberly then took a wooden-handled hammer and started breaking out the front window of the bottom floor apartment.”

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