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U.S., Afghan Forces Killed Over 160 ISIS DAESH in Three-Week Offensive

(The AEGIS Alliance)Thousands were displaced in the fighting at the Nangarhar Province.

Officials in Afghanistan revealed reports that a huge joint United States-Afghan offensive against ISIS Daesh forces in Nangarhar Province has now ended. This three-week offensive is estimated to have killed more than 160 suspected ISIS Daesh militants

The center of the offensive took place in the Gurgoray Valley, where United States and Afghan soldiers were able to trap hundreds of ISIS Daesh militants near the border of Pakistan. Despite the large number of “suspects” killed, there were no reports of US or Afghan casualties.

This is not to say the operation came without costs. Local officials reports show the intense battles displaced nearly 2,000 civilians who resided in the area, and that following the three weeks of fighting, they are now just gradually beginning to return home.

This is the most recent in half a dozen occasions where Afghan forces have shown reports of killing what they believe to be much of the ISIS Daesh forces located in Nangarhar. Following each previous incident, the ISIS Daesh returned in force as soon as it came to an end, and seemingly did not skip a beat. Only time will tell if this offensive held any significant meaning, or if it just killed a bunch of suspects and displaced many civilians.

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