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Syrian Army has Vowed to Remove All U.S. Troops From Syria

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The Syrian Foreign Ministry responds in a negative way to the United Stated pledge for building a new ‘border’ force in the north Syria of around 30,000 U.S.-backed fighters, stating that not only do they violate Syrian sovereignty, but the Syrian Army’s aiming ought to be in finishing the United States presence in this nation outright

Syria has further opposed the U.S. military’s presence in this nation, which had been deployed without Syrian permission, and which Pentagon officials claim will be extending soon after the outright defeating of the ISIS Daesh.

Whether Syrians are able to do something at all about it is of a different matter. The United States presence in Syria is considerable, and has the backing of huge, heavily-armed Kurdish forces. Despite the United States deployment being plainly unlawful, there isn’t a reasonable way to take them out with force.

It is a curiosity that the Syrian state media has made it clear that this place was that of the military’s, as created by its foreign ministry, this suggests the two ministries couldn’t automatically be on the very same side with rhetoric about the United States presence.

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