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Former NSA Employee Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified Information to Russia

In a shocking turn of events, a former National Security Agency (NSA) employee, Jareh Sebastian Dalke, hailing from the picturesque state of Colorado, has recently made headlines, pleading guilty to a grave charge – attempting to sell classified national security information to Russia. This audacious act has sent shockwaves through the nation, raising pertinent questions about espionage, national security, and the intricate workings of the intelligence community.

A Bold Move with Severe Consequences

Federal prosecutors have made a rather stern proposition in this case. They have agreed not to seek more than approximately 22 years in prison for Mr. Dalke when he faces his sentencing in April. This proposition comes with a significant caveat – Dalke must adhere to the terms of a plea deal. It’s worth noting, though, that the final decision on his punishment rests in the hands of the presiding judge.

Dalke, a 31-year-old army veteran hailing from the charming city of Colorado Springs, could have been staring down the abyss of a potential life sentence for his actions. He allegedly attempted to sell confidential information to an undercover FBI agent, whom he believed to be a Russian operative. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that taking responsibility for his actions may lead to a more lenient sentence.

The Motivation and the Debt Burden

Dalke’s motivations behind this shocking move have left investigators intrigued. During his interactions with the undercover agent, he expressed a desire to “cause change” after questioning the United States’ role in causing harm to the world. Simultaneously, he disclosed a staggering personal debt of $237,000, according to court documents. In an unexpected turn, he also cited his heritage as a factor influencing his choice to cooperate with Russia, stating, “ties back to your country.”

In a hearing before the US District Judge Raymond Moore, Dalke made an admission only in response to the judge’s queries, confirming his understanding of the terms of the plea deal. He also disclosed his ongoing use of medication for mental illness during his year-long incarceration.

Cryptocurrency Transactions and Covert Exchanges

The dimensions of this espionage attempt become clearer when we delve into the specifics of the exchange. In 2022, Dalke received $16,499 in cryptocurrency for sharing excerpts of sensitive documents with the undercover agent. Subsequently, he offered the remaining classified information for a staggering $85,000, according to the plea deal.

The culmination of this exchange led to a clandestine meeting. The agent directed Dalke to Denver’s downtown train station on September 28, 2022, where he was to transmit the remaining documents using a secure digital connection within a four-hour timeframe. In a surreal twist, Dalke drafted a thank-you letter in Russian, expressing anticipation of “friendship and shared benefit” immediately after the exchange. Moments later, the FBI apprehended him after the successful transfer of the classified files.

The Contents of Espionage

The indictment reveals the gravity of Dalke’s actions. The information he intended to provide to Russia included a comprehensive threat assessment of the military offensive capabilities of an undisclosed, third-party nation. Equally alarming, it encompassed a description of sensitive US defense capabilities, some of which were directly related to the same foreign nation in question.

Dalke’s Audacious Reapplication

Intriguingly, despite his apparent transgression, it was revealed that Dalke reapplied for a position at the NSA after his departure and subsequent sharing of classified information with the undercover agent. This audacious move adds another layer of complexity to an already perplexing situation. During a hearing last year, one of Dalke’s federal public defenders sought to downplay his access to classified information, highlighting that he had only worked at the NSA for less than a month.


Jareh Sebastian Dalke’s case serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which some individuals may go in pursuit of their personal motives, even if it means compromising national security. It also underscores the critical role that intelligence agencies play in safeguarding a nation’s secrets.

As the legal proceedings against Mr. Dalke unfold, the implications of his actions will continue to be dissected. Espionage cases like this one are not only riveting tales of intrigue but also poignant reminders of the ever-present need to protect a nation’s most sensitive information.

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