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NYC fentanyl mill pumped out 222K pills yet again near a daycare center

The recent discovery of a fentanyl mill operating near a daycare center in the Bronx has raised serious alarm among local residents. Located on Beaumont Avenue near East 187th Street in the Belmont neighborhood, this illicit operation was busted earlier this week, bringing to light the dangerous proximity of illegal drug-related activities to a place where innocent children spend their days.

The Disturbing Details

Law enforcement sources have revealed that the fentanyl mill was being operated in a two-story home, with the pill presses running in the basement at the time of the raid. Shockingly, over two dozen kilos and 222,000 pills of the deadly drug were produced and subsequently seized from the site. The magnitude of this operation is deeply concerning and highlights the need for immediate action and increased vigilance.

Community Outrage and Concern

The close proximity of this illegal operation to the Belmont Community Day Care Center, which features an attached playground, has sent shockwaves throughout the community. Local resident Theresa Pinto, a mother of six, expressed her outrage and questioned the lack of consideration for the safety and well-being of the children. She demanded to know if the perpetrators had any compassion or common sense, given the potentially devastating consequences of their actions.

The recent tragic incident at the Divino Niño Daycare in Kingsbridge, where a 1-year-old child lost their life to a fentanyl overdose, further compounds the severity of the situation. Investigations into that case revealed that the daycare facility was being used as a front for a fentanyl-peddling operation. Just last week, law enforcement authorities busted an apartment only six blocks away from the daycare, resulting in the seizure of a staggering 40 pounds of fentanyl with an estimated street value of $1.5 million.

NYC fentanyl mill pumped out 222K pills yet again near a daycare center
Sources have revealed that a total of 24 kilograms and 222,000 tablets of fentanyl were discovered at the hiding place. (WABC)

Impact on the Local Community

These events have had a profound impact on the local community and have left residents deeply concerned about the vulnerability of their young children. Theresa Pinto, overwhelmed with grief, voiced her worries about the loss of innocent lives and the immense pain caused by physical harm, mental anguish, and the devastation wrought by drug addiction. The community is reeling from the effects of these criminal activities and is demanding immediate action to address this pressing issue.

Arrests and Investigations

During the raid at the Beaumont home, law enforcement officials successfully apprehended four men: Wellinthon Eustate Espinal, Cristian Eustate Espinal, Heriberto Eustate Espinal, and Roberto Jose Vargas Paulino. All four individuals were charged with conspiracy to distribute or possess a controlled substance exceeding 8 ounces. Inside the basement of the residence, law enforcement discovered fentanyl tablets and operational pill press machines, further reinforcing the criminal nature of the activities taking place.

Suspicious activities at the Beaumont home had caught the attention of vigilant neighbors, who noticed frequent deliveries of boxes to cars. Manuela Duran, a resident residing next door, mentioned that individuals engaged in drug use would often approach the occupants of the home. She described them as peculiar and rarely seen in the neighborhood, thereby adding an element of intrigue to the situation.

NYC fentanyl mill pumped out 222K pills yet again near a daycare center
The borough has experienced its third drug seizure involving fentanyl this Thursday, making it the third occurrence since mid-September. (WABC)

A Dramatic Raid

According to reports from ABC 7 NY, the raid itself was a dramatic affair. Neighbors reported hearing smoke bombs exploding before law enforcement agents, donning hazmat suits and face masks, descended upon the premises. This operation involved a joint effort between the Drug Enforcement Agency, Homeland Security, the NYPD, and state police, underlining the seriousness and urgency with which authorities are tackling this issue.

The Divino Niño Daycare Case

The tragedy that unfolded at the Divino Niño Daycare in Kingsbridge shed additional light on the severity of the fentanyl crisis. Investigations following the incident led to the arrest of four individuals, including the daycare owner, Grei Mendez, and her husband, Felix Herrera. It was revealed that the daycare’s basement was being used as a hub for fentanyl distribution. The subsequent federal charges brought against those involved demonstrate the need for comprehensive actions to combat the growing epidemic of illegal drug operations infiltrating seemingly ordinary establishments.

Community Reaction and the Desire for Change

The impact of these criminal activities has had a profound effect on the neighborhood and its residents. Manuela Duran, residing in close proximity to the Beaumont home, expressed her strong desire to move away from the constant threat posed by such criminal activities. Theresa Pinto shares similar sentiments, expressing her earnest wish to leave the area and pursue a fresh start outside the confines of New York City. The community as a whole seeks an end to the illicit activities that endanger the lives and well-being of its residents, particularly its youngest and most vulnerable members.


The discovery of a fentanyl mill operating in the Bronx near a daycare center has sent shockwaves through the local community. The magnitude of the operation, along with its proximity to innocent children, is deeply disturbing. The arrests made during the raid at the Beaumont home underscore the seriousness with which law enforcement is tackling this issue. However, the tragic incident at the Divino Niño Daycare highlights the urgent need for broader actions to prevent the infiltration of illegal drug operations into places meant to provide care and safety.

Residents like Manuela Duran and Theresa Pinto are deeply affected by these events, with both expressing their desire to distance themselves from the constant threat they face in their neighborhood. It is clear that immediate and comprehensive measures are required to protect communities and safeguard the well-being of their residents, particularly the young and vulnerable. Together, we must work towards eradicating the scourge of illicit drug operations and creating a safer environment for all.

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