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‘Gansta’s Paradise’ iconic 90’s rapper Coolio dead at 59

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Rapper Coolio, recognized for his 90’s smash hit track ‘Gansta’s Paradise,’ passed away on Wednesday. He was 59 years old.

The rap celebrity was discovered dead on the restroom floor at his good friend’s Los Angeles residence, according to Jarez Posey, his longtime manager, TMZ reported.

Coolio’s legal name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr. and he was declared dead on the scene by responding Emergency medical technicians, TMZ disclosed. It is believed he passed away due to a heart attack.

The rap artist started his profession in the 1980s and he took off to nationwide popularity with his 1995 Grammy Award-winning favorite “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which is included on the soundtrack of Michelle Pfieffer’s 1995 crime drama movie called “Dangerous Minds.”

The renowned track spent 3 full weeks as a Number 1 hit on the Billboard charts and Weird Al Yankovic made a parody of the song with his track called “Amish Paradise.”

The rap artist based out of California’s other favorites features 1994’s “Fantastic Voyage,” which came to a head at #3 as well as “1,2,3,4 (Sumpin’ New)” and also “It’s All the Way Live (Now).”

Coolio’s passing happens only 4 days following him taking to Instagram to upload his most recent concert that took place in Texas.

Rap community members and more went to social media sites to grieve the rap artist and producer’s untimely end.

“This is sad news. I witness firsthand this man’s grind to the top of the industry. Rest In Peace @Coolio,” Ice Cube wrote in a tweet.

“Peaceful Journey Brother,” Drummer for Roots, Quest Love, tweeted.

MC Hammer tweeted that Coolio was “One of the nicest dudes I’ve known. Good people,” he pointed out.

“My deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family of @Coolio,” actor and comic Martin Lawrence wrote on Twitter.

Coolio lives on through his 6 kids and ex-wife, Josefa Salina, whom he got married to in 1996 prior to both getting divorced 4 years afterward.

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