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Robert Downey Sr., actor and filmmaker dad of Robert Downey Jr., dead at 85

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Robert Downey Sr., the actor and filmmaker father of Robert Downey Jr., has died, aged 85.

Downey Sr. passed away while he slept at his home in New York City on Wednesday his wife informed The Sun. His 85th birthday was last month, he had celebrated it.

Best recognized for his acting roles in films such as “Boogie Nights,” “Magnolia” and also “To Live and Die in LA,” Downey Sr. was combating his Parkinson’s disease for greater than 5 years.

The father of superstar Robert Downey Jr. and also Allyson Downey, the director, author, and producer greatly steered clear of the press, primarily to safeguard his famous children. But in 2001 when his Oscar-nominated son was dealing with cocaine charges, Downey Sr. talked in detail concerning the challenges of being involved with Hollywood.

“Life is too easy when you’re a movie star. People will do anything you want and get you anything you want,” he stated. “Hollywood is a horrible place.”

Downey Sr. was born in New York and served in the army, participated in minor-league baseball, had been a Golden Gloves boxing champion as well as a playwright for off-off-Broadway productions prior to the age of 22, IMDB shows.

By the 1960s, he pivoted to the movie industry, writing and directing classic films such as “Balls Bluff” (1961), “Babo 73” (1964), “Chafed Elbows” (1966), “No More Excuses” (1968) as well as “Putney Swope” (1969).

After being successful with the cult classic of the satirical “Putney Swope,” he reached a bottom point when his profession faltered in the 1970s.

“Ten years of cocaine around the clock,” he stated in 2001. “I didn’t beat it until ’81 until my late wife gave me an ultimatum. I officially quit in front of my son. He keeps reminding me about it. I tell him, ‘If it made such an impression on you, then why can’t you do the same thing?’”

The latest movie he was involved with was 2011’s “Tower Heist,” which additionally starred Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller as well as Casey Affleck. As a director, his last projects had been 1997’s “Hugo Pool” as well as the 2005 documentary film “Rittenhouse Square.”

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