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Wife allegedly caught 50-year-old husband in bed with 7-year-old young girl

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A wife in Landon, South Carolina allegedly caught her 50-year-old husband in their bed with a young girl and police arrested him.

Anthony Furman’s wife apparently returned and found him with an age 7 girl beneath the sheets apparently pulled up to their necks. The wife yanked the sheets off of them, then Furman moved his hands off of the young girl, ABC News 4 cited court records.

Court records point out that the spouse talked to the 7-year-old about what took place, and the youngster purportedly stated Furman had been “Touching her private parts.”

Furman took off from the scene and ran, however, authorities caught up with him and placed him under arrest, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said, according to WCBD-TV.

Court records indicate Furman is facing charges of criminal sex-related conduct with a minor as well as attempted lewd acts with a victim under the age of 16. Charleston County Jail records show that Furman was jailed and has a bail amount set at $30,000.

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