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Two Florida Women Arrested and Charged with Child Sex-Trafficking Minors

(The AEGIS Alliance) – BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA Last week, two women in Florida were arrested and charged with child sex-trafficking, according to an announcement by the Miami FBI office on Tuesday.

On Monday, August 24, 21-year-old Kiara Nunez and 19-year-old Alexandra Ramirez were placed under arrest for allegedly being involved in sex trafficking minor-aged children, the FBI announced. Ramirez was arrested in Coral Springs and Nunez was arrested in Hollywood. They’re currently being held in federal custody and will face federal charges.

The government is accusing the two of selling a couple of girls, one that was only 15-years-old, for sex at Airbnbs and hotels throughout South Florida between October of 2019 and February of 2020. Both of the children’s family’s had reported them missing, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

On January 29 at a Fort Lauderdale hotel, there was a sting operation where an undercover officer attempted to purchase sex through an advertisement online that let the officer contact Nunez by phone. The two negotiated a “two-girl special.” It’s also alleged that Nunez showed the undercover officer videos of different girls on her phone that was “in provocative and undressed poses.”

Here is a PDF of the Criminal Complaint: https://theaegisalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/BROWARD-SEX-TRAFFICKING-CRIMINAL-COMPLAINT.pdf (PDF)

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