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Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s Felony Corruption

LEE COUNTY,  FLORIDA Greetings world! We are The AEGIS Alliance, with, Anonymous allies!

“In 2017, Scott Huminski received death threats in the mail from  Maricopa County, Arizona, and he was forbidden from reporting it to the sheriff, Mike Scott, because he had a gag order against him prohibiting the reporting of crime.  It is still in effect protecting sheriff Carmine Marceno from doing his job, this is why Huminski was jailed, for reporting a crime to the sheriff when a court-ordered gag order was obtained by the sheriff.”

Who is Scott Huminski?

Scott Huminski is a Lee County resident unwilling to sit on the sidelines while his fellow citizens are treated inhumanely and while federal crimes go unpunished. Huminski’s anti-police state rock band, Scott X and the Constitution Commandos have caused a stir for Lee County officials because their music not only stands up for what is right but exposes the corruption in their ranks.

Sign Scott Huminski’s petition:

Huminski’s troubles with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office all began in 2017 when the LCSO was under the control of Sheriff Mike Scott. There was a break-in at Huminski’s home where he was the victim of property crimes and assault, and law enforcement refused to respond to his 911 call. Withholding service is a technique used by the Sheriff to retaliate against his critics for political gain. Huminski’s troubles have continued under Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

Of course, while other governments may ignore, or simply be irritated by a citizen so clearly using his freedom of speech, the Lee County Sheriff decided to take action. Huminski was not allowed to speak freely, Sheriff Carmine Marceno has made sure of that.

Allegations Against Carmine Marceno

Carmine Marceno is under investigation by the Department of Justice for serious violations. Amongst the allegations he’s being investigated for are civil rights abuses, human rights abuses, and for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 with felony abuse of a disabled adult that also violates Florida disability Statutes. All this, for a man whose campaigns are being partially funded by former President George W. Bush and his wife.

So, if there’s already an ongoing investigation, why not simply wait for the courts to decide? Because an investigation like this isn’t a priority and can take years to be seen through. And, as you’ll learn shortly, this time may be the difference between life and death for someone under Carmine Marceno’s care.

These are crimes that shouldn’t equate to an investigation, it should lead to an arrest. There is a wide breadth of crimes that have been committed by him that could, and should, lead to an immediate arrest and bring an end to his wrongful treatment of his citizens.

The Biggest Problem is Behind Closed Doors

Carmine Marceno’s wrongdoing is largely taking place behind closed doors in the Lee County Jail. There, he has been instrumental in forcing the elderly, disabled Americans to sleep on the floor of their cells. Citizens are stripped and forced to stand in 55-degree cells until they become hypothermic. Disabled citizens, like Huminski, are supposed to have private cells, yet they refused to supply him with one. Marceno also forces nurses without medical authority to take medication away from those in the County Jail, which could be a life-ending decision.

The County Jail is not a high-security prison. This is a place many of us could end up in for a drunken mistake, or in Lee County, simply for speaking our minds. Are these brutal measures perhaps a way for Marceno to tackle the gross overcrowding issue?

All this is what Huminski had to endure during his stay in Lee County jail. As a disabled man, he was not treated correctly under ADA laws. He was not supplied his own cell, and he had his vital blood pressure medication he’s been taking for 22 years, taken away without his permission, or without first consulting the medical doctors who prescribed the medication.

Huminski was placed in solitary confinement upon arrival at Lee County jail, without cause, in a cold 55-degree cell without adequate clothing for about 8 hours. When he requested his medication shortly thereafter, he was refused.

Huminski has been on Toprol ER, a blood pressure medication for 22 years. Nurses at the county jail illegally took him off that medication and changed his medication to diuretics, which is known to be toxic or even deadly to Huminski in the past. Huminski was unaware the nurses gave him diuretics because the nurses didn’t tell him that’s what he was ingesting with water in a paper cup. The nurse’s actions are considered to be attempted murder, and they should be facing criminal charges.

Huminski wrote in emails shared with those involved with the Department of Justice investigation, saying, “Is a person more likely to die when his blood pressure medications that he had been on for 22 years are abruptly ended when they’ve been on those medications prescribed by medical doctors for 22 years with great success?”

“These nurses made a decision that overrode those made by my doctor. If the answer is yes, the nurses may qualify for attempted murder charges, as may others involved in this matter. If they still practice medicine, the public is at risk,” Huminski said.

Medical professionals should be here to safeguard our community, no matter where they are, what kind of medication or health problem it is, and regardless of who they’re dealing with. This concerns basic human rights, which were violated in this instance. Of course, it’s not only Scott Huminski’s human rights that were violated in Marceno’s charge, but it was also the ADA, the social security administration’s disability determination laws, and other citizens held at the Lee County jail.

Violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and Florida disability Statutes are federal and state crimes, yet no one has had to answer for the terrible conditions Huminski faced.

Now, he’s using his voice to tell the world about his mistreatment. “I rely heavily on the First Amendment to hopefully end the official corruption and crime in Lee County,” he wrote in emails requesting an advocate for his ADA rights.

Constant Obstruction of Huminski’s First Amendment Rights

Huminski’s trial did not end once he was released from Lee County jail. Everyone has a right to free speech, and all channels of communication should be open to best allow people of all physical and mental disabilities to speak out when necessary. Yet Huminski was not provided this right.

Huminski wrote that “My disabilities and extreme fear of being subjected to torture again by the Lee County Sheriff only permit my communication with law enforcement via email, which the sheriff prohibited.” When Huminski did speak up, he was told he could not contact them.

Huminski continued and wrote, “The sheriff had no need to communicate this to me when it is already codified in the order of Judge Adams prohibiting all LCSO contact, under the threat of imprisonment. I believe Mr. Holloway chose to send this email merely to harass and terrorize.”

Lee County law enforcement also violated the Sunshine Laws by failing to produce arrest reports when requested.

The Trend of Terrible Sheriffs is Getting Worse

Sheriff Carmine Marceno is the one who is supposed to keep Lee County citizens safe, yet he is not only failing to do so but is also failing to follow the laws he is supposed to abide by and enforce. This double standard should not go unpunished. Nor should the extreme injustices and Human Rights violations happening in the Lee County jail go unknown.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno is worse than Sheriff Mike Scott who came before him. Word of the allegations against him is far-reaching. Sean Hannity’s best sheriff friend, Carmine Marcino, has even appalled fellow Republicans. A The Guardian article from September 2019 identifies further crimes, such as not truly being a qualified police officer, wrongful donations and payments during his election campaign that wasn’t properly reported to Florida’s authorities, as well as inappropriate behavior toward women in his office.

Amira Fox and Sean Hannity

Amira Fox is the highest law enforcement entity in southwest Florida, and she has chosen not to prosecute because she and the sheriff are buddies. Amira Fox has also attended fundraisers for Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s election campaign as a special guest.

Carmine Marceno raised thousands for Amira Fox’s campaign, he was her closest campaign supporter. Now Amira Fox should be prosecuting Marceno for several felonies and ethics violations, but Carmine Marceno gets a pass. Marceno falsely impersonated a law enforcement officer for 17 years, falsified documents to illegally become a law enforcement officer, and illegally used his office to pursue sex with crime victims. Amira Fox has a duty to prosecute Marceno under the laws of Florida, but she refuses. Now Lee County has the special honor of being the most corrupt county in Florida.

Amira Fox initiated a criminal prosecution against Huminski with a forged charging document. She took a valid Circuit Court show cause order, printed it out, made a hand modification of the document, and then filed it in County Court as a valid judicial order without a new judicial signature on the document she manufactured. She then went on to prosecute a criminal case relying upon her forgery to incarcerate an individual named Scott Huminski.

There are also forgeries of judicial recusal orders in the case that are clearly marked “COPY” that Amira Fox embraced and failed to report to ethical authorities. Amira Fox also participated in a State Court hearing 17-ca-421, 6/29/2017 in a case that had been removed to federal court in contempt of the jurisdiction, powers, and authority of the federal courts. She had an ethical duty to inform the judge that no jurisdiction existed, although that would spoil her case. A prosecutor’s duty is not to strike foul blows.

In Conclusion

Is it simply Marceno’s connections, having met President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and his friendship with former President George W. Bush, that keeps him in his role? With mounting allegations in all areas, it seems likely. Sean Hannity wrote on Twitter, “My buddy Carmine,” as well as writing “Two great men, a great choice!” When Mike Scott insistently urged former Governor Rick Scott of Florida, who is now a Senator, to choose Marceno to take over. He has since mass-deleted his old tweets. Hopefully, this is a telling sign that Marceno can be toppled, and he intends to disassociate himself from him long before then.

So, what can you do to help? If you live in Lee County, do not vote for Carmine Marceno. If you live anywhere else, sign Huminski’s petition to show that we will not stand to see citizens treated this way, nor allow our leaders to be so corrupted.

“AEGIS, in The AEGIS Alliance, stands for, The Activists – Alliance for the Exposure of Government Intelligence and Secrets”

“We do not claim to be a leader of the Legion, The AEGIS Alliance has Anonymous allies.”

“They, are Anonymous, they do not forgive Sheriff Carmine Marceno and others’ corruption, and they’ll never forget it, you should have expected the Legion.”

Sign Scott Huminski’s petition:

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