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Public School Employee Confesses on Facebook to Killing Pedophile, Gets Arrested

Omaha, Nebraska – In a shocking turn of events, a public school employee has been arrested after confessing on Facebook to the murder of a known pedophile.

The suspect, identified as 43-year-old James Fairbanks, was taken into custody on Tuesday morning and is now being held at the Douglas County Corrections facility. Fairbanks made a confession on Facebook on May 18, admitting to killing 64-year-old registered sex offender Mattieo Condoluci. According to, Condoluci had previously been convicted of child sex crimes in 1994 and 2007.

Authorities became aware of Condoluci’s death on May 14, and it is believed that Fairbanks sent an anonymous email to multiple media outlets, providing them with detailed information about the crime.

Fairbanks is currently under investigation, and the police are working to verify the authenticity of his confessions.

Since 2016, Fairbanks has been employed by the Omaha School District as a paraprofessional, as reported by KETV. His ex-wife has stated that he called her before his arrest and admitted to killing Condoluci.

Fairbanks’s confession initially came to light in the comments section of a Facebook page called Omaha Scanner, which focuses on reporting local crime. Although Fairbanks appears to have deleted his comments, Omaha Scanner managed to capture screenshots of his statements.

In one screenshot, Fairbanks wrote, “Dear Media, I am writing this email to let you know that I killed Mattieo Condoluci.”

According to another screenshot, Fairbanks described how he came across Condoluci in his neighborhood while searching for a new apartment. He noticed the sex offender “pretending to wash his truck” while observing a group of children playing nearby. This revelation left Fairbanks feeling disgusted and disturbed.

As Fairbanks delved deeper into Condoluci’s background, he discovered that the pedophile had victimized numerous children across different states, as stated in a second screenshot.

“We cannot allow this to continue happening to our children. They must be protected. I am aware that, in our flawed judicial system, I will likely face severe consequences for stopping him, whereas he faced minimal punishment for his crimes against innocent kids. But I could no longer stand idly by,” Fairbanks concluded in the screenshot.

A third screenshot shows an unknown Facebook user expressing gratitude towards Fairbanks for his actions. In response, Fairbanks, the public school employee, simply replied, “You’re welcome.”

The comments section of the alleged confession posts has been flooded with individuals applauding Fairbanks for taking matters into his own hands and advocating for his pardon.

Please note that all information provided in this article is based on the available facts and allegations surrounding the case. The investigation is ongoing, and further details may emerge as it progresses.


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