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Alligator Crashes Through Kitchen Window, Breaks Wine Bottles

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(The AEGIS Alliance) -- CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- According to and, an 11-foot long Alligator, which is 3.4 meters, crashed into a low kitchen window and inside a home in Florida, breaking several bottles of red wine before being captured.

The Clearwater Police Department tweeted that the gator was successfully removed from the Clearwater condominium belonging to Mary Wischhusen early in the day on Friday. There were no injuries.

A walker is used by Mary Wischhusen. According to what she told news outlets, she went to her bedroom and closed the door to call the police the moment she saw the large reptile.

Wischhusen said she played games on her computer while waiting for police and trappers to arrive and help. She’s a gamer!

According to Wischhusen, it required 10 police officers and two trappers a couple of hours to remove the gator from her house. She has lived there for nearly the past four decades.

Here is the Tweet by Clearwater Police:

Mary Wischhusen’s interview with reporters is on YouTube:

11-foot alligator removed from Florida home
Watch this video on YouTube.

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