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Woman Shot in Face With Crossbow While Protecting Family – Drove Herself to Hospital

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A 40 year old mother in Arkansas began driving herself to the hospital after she was shot in the face with a crossbow, the arrow was still lodged into the left side of her face.

Police made a statement and confirmed that Janet Partain arrived at the hospital aware and alert even though she was severely injured.

Captain Jeff Nichols of the Cross County Sheriff’s Office spoke to WREG and said, “It was an odd sight to see someone with an arrow in their face and they’re still conscious and talking to me.”

Police say that Partain was allegedly struck in the face by Joseph Avellino, age 34, after she confronted him at his Wynne, Arkansas, home after she accused him of stealing unspecified items from her nearby property.

Partain traveled to Avellino’s house and brought along her 15 year old nephew and 14 year old son.

The argument escalated quickly according to police, then Avellino grabbed a crossbow and took aim at the mom and two boys.

Investigators are alleging that Avellino fired one arrow, which struck Partain in her face.

Partain said to WREG that, “He was pointing the arrow at them and he fired a shot at one of them, and I pushed them out the way and I got hit.”

“I think I was in shock because once I got hit I said, ‘I can’t believe you almost shot that kid.’” Partain mentioned.

Police arrived at Avellino’s home and he was arrested, after Partain had long been gone.

Avellino is charged with first-degree battery and also three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. On Friday the 15th it was not clear in he had entered pleas to the charges he is facing. It was unable to be determined if he has a lawyer.

Jail records online reveal that Avellino is not in police custody any longer, and bond information was not available.

Doctors were able to remove the arrow from Partain’s face the following Monday. It has been reported that she was released from the hospital the next day on Tuesday.

Janet Partain shot in face with crossbow arrow Arkansas drives self herself hospital
Arkansas – Janet Partain was Shot in the Face with a Crossbow Arrow.

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