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Teenage Boy, 14, Discovered in Indiana Man’s Bathroom with a “Love Bite” on His Neck after Going Missing

In Kokomo, Indiana, a man who’s 53 years old is facing charges of sex trafficking after authorities found a 14-year-old teen boy who had been missing in his bathroom. The police also discovered sexually explicit content on one of his electronic devices.

The Tell City Police Department made contact with Kokomo Police on March 19th regarding a 14-year-old boy who had gone missing the day before. The officers launched an investigation and were able to locate the boy at a residence on Independence Drive’s 4000 block. The boy was taken to the hospital for evaluation. You can read more about this story on Tip411.

Following the issuance of a warrant by Kokomo Police detectives, a search was conducted on a residence, and various electronic devices were confiscated as evidence. Later, the Kokomo Police Department Forensic Computer Lab purportedly uncovered “suspected child sexual abuse material” on one of the devices, which was apparently owned by Michael Horne.

Kokomo Police have detained Horne on charges related to the promotion of child sexual trafficking, with the possibility of more charges being added in the future.

As per the reports from WXIN-TV, court documents have revealed that the tracing of Horne and the missing teenager was made possible with the help of a residential security system. The footage captured by the system allegedly showed Horne’s vehicle in the location where the teenager disappeared. For more information, refer to the article on

Upon arriving at Horne’s residence, Kokomo Police were informed that no other individuals were present. Nevertheless, upon further investigation, officers discovered the absent adolescent in the bathroom. According to reports, the teenager seemed extremely drowsy and disoriented.

According to WXIN, the adolescent displayed what seemed to be a love bite on his neck.

Reportedly, Horne claimed during questioning that the teenager had approached him at a gas station, requesting to stay with him. Interestingly, the teenager was completely unaware of how he had acquired the hickey.

According to reports, investigators discovered pictures of both the adolescent and Horne in the latter’s Tesla, as well as a nude photograph of the young person. When questioned by the Kokomo Police about the possibility of his DNA being present on the victim, Horne hesitated and requested legal counsel.

According to jail records from Howard County, Horne is currently detained on a bond of $25,000.

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