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Houston girl, 16, shot 22 times while walking dog, ex-boyfriend facing murder charge

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Authorities apprehended an ex-boyfriend who is facing a murder charge in the death of an aged 16 girl that got shot 22 times while she was walking her dog in the southwest area of Houston, the cops stated on Tuesday.

Diamond Alvarez was killed by deadly gunfire on January 11 two blocks away from her house near a field that is utilized as a community park.

Police in Houston revealed on Tuesday that age 17 Frank Deleon Jr. was apprehended on Monday and is facing a murder charge. Court documents don’t specify a lawyer that may communicate on behalf of Deleon.

Alvarez’s mom named Anna Machado pointed out on Tuesday that Deleon is her daughter’s ex-boyfriend and that he text messaged to ask her to meet up with him in the park’s field area not long prior to her being murdered. Authorities mentioned Alvarez had just recently found out that Deleon had gotten into a new relationship with a different girl while they were still going out.

The pair had been dating for under a year and Machado mentioned she never observed any kind of red flags to alert her that her child was threatened, only that “they were off and on.”

“My daughter was always crying about him,” Machado mentioned.

Machado stated her family members are alleviated an apprehension was made and also relatives have been holding vigil at a makeshift memorial with candle lights, stuffed animals as well as balloons that had been put together not far from where her daughter’s body was discovered.

“I went up over there (to the memorial) again, crying, and said: ‘Baby you have justice. It’s not done yet. It’s not over yet. But at least we know a name,’” Machado pointed out.

Deleon was being jailed in the Harris County Jail. In courtroom records requesting a $250,000 bail for Deleon, prosecutors pointed out that Alvarez got shot 22 times and that Deleon had been “attempting to pack his bags to flee” at the time of his arrest.

Machado stated she really hopes a judge orders Deleon to be jailed with no bond.

“He doesn’t even deserve a high bond. He executed my daughter,” Machado mentioned.

Alvarez’s family members started searching for her when they heard gunfire and after that, the family pet dog Peanut came back to the residence on his own.

The family members located Alvarez’s body near the park’s field where Diamond had usually been walking Peanut in the evenings. Machado attempted to revive her daughter by conducting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, yet it was too late.

The cops stated witnesses reported hearing a number of gunshots and after that, the sound of tires screeching as a potentially dark vehicle took off from the scene.

Alvarez’s friends and family said they remember her as a happy person that worked hard, liked school, and also hoped to become a beautician someday.

There is a service for her funeral scheduled to take place on Friday at 11 a.m. in Houston.

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