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A “Karen” calls police on Black man sitting in his car outside his own home

Another incident involving a self-proclaimed “Karen” has recently made its way onto social media platforms, causing a wave of perplexity and outrage. This time, a video captures a woman harassing a Black man who was simply sitting inside his own car, parked in front of his own residence.

As the video commences, the man’s voice can be heard expressing his disbelief, saying, “Didn’t think this would happen to me.” Meanwhile, the agitated “Karen” can be heard in the background, loudly proclaiming that she is noting down the man’s license plate number and has already contacted the police department.

Attempting to reason with the woman, the man tries to clarify that he is at his own house. However, the woman, standing on his doorstep, taunts him by saying, “Why don’t you come into your F***ing house?”

Maintaining his composure, the man calmly responds, saying, “No problem.” He then proceeds to walk past the woman, opens his front door, and enters his house, where he encounters his apparent roommate.

Clearly frustrated, the man vents, “Another white lady pulling some more bull crap.”

Adding fuel to the fire, the “Karen” in the video goes on to accuse the man of being involved in drug dealing, further escalating the intensity of the situation.

The term “Karen” is commonly used to refer to women who exhibit a sense of entitlement, believing they are superior to others and that rules do not apply to them. This behavior is typically associated with white women, and its prevalence is becoming increasingly alarming.

Originally posted on, the video quickly gained traction, drawing attention to the ongoing issue of racial discrimination and harassment.

Kyle James Lee

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