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Reasons for Globe Earth Proof that Flat Earthers Cannot Explain!

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Reasons for Globe Earth Proof that Flat Earthers Cannot Explain – by Joshua Kitterman

The fact is that Flat Earth “science” has yet to reconcile many observed phenomena, for instance:

1: A Sun at a fixed altitude on a revolutionary track within our atmosphere would never disappear beneath the horizon, EVER… In fact, it would never even appear to do so, It would appear to shrink and decelerate and dip low to the horizon and then would appear to accelerate and expand while rising in the horizon. It would be visible to every single person on Earth at all times unless of course, you were in a valley or near the mountains, but even then it would reappear rather quickly.

2: The SAME face and phase of the moon are visible to every single person regardless of the continent they are viewing it from. If the moon were traversing a circuit within our atmosphere people viewing it from different continents would see the moon from different angles and different phases.

3: Planes traveling at 30,000 feet (approx 5.68 miles) do not fly at sufficient altitude for the curvature of the Earth to be EXTREMELY perceptible. On an oblate spheroid of approximately 24,901 miles in circumference, one would need to be at a MUCH higher altitude, approaching heights of 792,000 feet (150 MILES) for the curvature to be readily apparent. Much higher than any commercial or private plane typically fly by a factor of 26x.

4: If the stars were in fixed circuits within our atmosphere, the circumpolar stars would appear to travel in flattened elliptical circuits when viewed from the southern latitudes, this is not, of course, ever observed. Furthermore, the southern constellations would NEVER be visible, EVER. We would not even know of their existence, yet we do.

A very informative video that Debunks Flat Earth…

World of Bat shit – #5: Space Denial – An informative yet humorous video about just how uneducated Flat Earth people can be… With a hilarious copyright claim against the video’s youtube account following the video; that didn’t work out so well for the F.E. person. Credit for the video goes to this youtube channel…

– CoolHardLogic

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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