The AEGIS Alliance Exposes New Hampshire Double Murder – Further Intel!


The AEGIS Alliance is not a leader of Anonymous; but we have Anonymous Allies! Previously, The AEGIS Alliance created a video using a script provided by an Anonymous member which exposed a double murder in New Hampshire. Further Intel about this case has been provided to The AEGIS Alliance about this. The following is the raw data we received:

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The common denominator in the murder of Christine Sullivan Cuozzo of Cape Coral, Florida, is Keller Williams Realty Company:

Keller Williams agent in Cape Coral, Florida, Liz Pendy, Christine Sullian’s friend; >John Jason> Jenna Stauffer> Michael Halpren, trustee/owner of Teaser’s Bar of Key West; 218 Duval Street

Keller William’s agent in Columbus Ohio; Doug Neal>Marie Wardrope stepmother of Justin Wardrope, manager of Teaser’s Adult night club. Marie Wardrope word at the Urgent Care Center on Flagler Ave, where Mrs Lee Lovett worked. Lovett was Alexis William’s daughter of Monroe County Deputy Boyd Williams Jr. William’s was married to Trisha Kolhage, daughter of Danny Kolhage Sr. Danny Kolhage was involved in the purchase and sale gone bad of Reed Aplicance Store on Flagler Ave.

Halpren owns a corner building on Flagler Ave and Berta Street in Key West. The building next door at 1500 Bertha Street is owned or managed by Vic H Musmanno ll, who works for Coldwell Banker Schmitt Realty Co. Bruce Schmitt was a target in Cmdr Dennis Zecca’s murder- for -hire scheme and cocaine smuggling plot. The Monroe County Sheriff was not involved in the investigation or arrest of Zecca.( Zeeca was arrested before he could lead the FBI/DEA to his co-conspirators.) The cocaine charges against Zecca, carried a life sentence, but they were dropped. Zecca was sentenced to ten years, without giving up the names of his conspirators. Zecca’s wife worked for Coldwell Banker Schmitt in Maraton, Florida.

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Jenna Stauffer is also associated with Jean Pierre Kilfa, and his partner Rafi Gvili, brother of Moshe Gvilli, an associate of Haii Haim Fartush, landlord of Leroy James Lawson, boyfriend of Bianca Di Gennaro, daughter of Monroe County Commissioner Mario Di Gennaro.

Addendum: Last month former Rep. Ron Saunders purchased 1509 Josephine Street the property directly behind Vic Mussmanno property at 1500 Bertha Street in Key West, Florida. A former leaseholder at 1500 Bertha Street is Bertha Cubria Mira, a neighbor of former Key West City manager, Julio Avael. I belive Mira is associated with Moshe Gvili, who lives 3200 Riviera Drive, next to Tim Gallagher, who allegedly was stabbed six times in the chest by a Russian national, who had been hanging out at a questionable restaurant in the 3100 blk of Flagler Ave, next to the Riivera Drive Coffee Shop, which is owned by a former business partner of former Key West Police Chief Larry Rodriquez, now deceased. Rodriquez lived on Aviation Blvd. in Riviera Shores. His near neighbors were Mike Blatt (Dirty Harry’s Bar and Bare Assets Bar) and Charlie Bauer (owner of the Smokin Tuna). Durty Harry’s and Smokin Tuna are in the 200 blk of Duval Street.


Rep Saunder’s long time assistant Sue Walker Spencer. Spencer’s son Glen lives at 2544  1st Street in Fort Meyers, which is not too far from Fort Meyer’s mayor Wilbur C. Smith lll, a partner of Joe Viacava. Key West attorney Richard Wunsch maintains an office at 2551  Fourth Street.  Wibur Smith is also listed at 1415 Hendry Street. All the aforementioned addresses are within an 6 to 8 blk area in Ft Meyers. They are all very near the Thomas Edison Museum, which is operated or managed by Historic Tours of America (Chairman Ed Swift and Pres. Chris Belland). My ex-sister in law Teri Youmans worked for Ed Swift in the 1960s and he is married to my first-grade classmate Nancy Bacle. Ed is Nancy’s third husband. Swift’s daughter Debbie,  lived at 3007 Riivera Drive, next door to my mother’s home of 55 years. The in- laws of Rep. Scott Plakon lived at 3019 Riviera Drive. Plakon is a close friend of Florida Gov Scott. Sue Walker Spencer’s father was a Monroe County School Board Member in the 1970. His house was sold to Paulie Fraga, brother of Key West Fire Chief David Fraga. Retired Key West Fire Chief Billy Wardlow currently serves on the Key West City Commission. The Wardlow family shares a kinship with the old Samuel Trafficante family

3019 Riviera Drive is owned by Yardena ‘Cigar Lady’ Rathmuth, sister of Ami Emanuel, Joy Emanuel Kohen and Eyal Emanuel.  Joy Emanuel Koehn lives on Riviera Dr, next to Moshe Gvili, brother of Rafi Gvili. Rafi Gvili lives at 2405 Linda Ave, near Ernesto Vidostequi (former business partner of KW Police Chief Larry Rodriquez.  Rafi Gvili is a partner of Jean Pierre Kilfa, who leases his store front from the prominent Spottswood family. Kilfa’s spokeperson is Jenna Stauffer, a friend of high powered democrat Michael Halpren, trustee of the Charlie Ramos estate. The Ramos family were the oldest merchants in Florida. They owned and lived in the Southermost House in the Continental US.

Sue Walker Spencer messaged me on Facebook several years ago to inform me that nephew Chad R. Parker, was found dead lying face down in his bed in Orlando, Florida. Chad’s uncle Scott Youmans was an administer of the Lower Keys Hospital, where I delivered a computerized pill-making machine to the hospital pharmacy. I later heard the machine was producing drugs which were exiting out the back door of the hospital, for sale on the streets of Key West.

Here is the video that exposed the New Hampshire Double Murder:

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Kyle James Lee
Kyle James Lee
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