(Video) Muncie Central High School Indiana Teacher Faces Losing Her Job After V for Vendetta Book Class Project!

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V for Vendetta is a book that later became a movie, about an anti-hero named V, who sought to tear down a corrupt British government for its tyrannical ways of racism, sexism, homophobia, and overall, fascism. V, who always dawned a Guy Fawkes mask, would later become the symbolic icon of the bulletproof idea and vigilante hacktivism for justice movement known as, Anonymous.

This past week at the Muncie Central High School in Muncie, Indiana, students in Mrs. O’Connor’s classes completed a school project about how the book, V for Vendetta, could be associated with real-world issues. The students were allowed to choose anything from women’s rights, to religion, or police brutality, and racism, etc. The students were provided with poster boards to use for associating the book to real-world things.

The majority of Mrs. O’Connor’s classes decided to link the book to the Black Lives Matter movement, while others related the book to issues such as LGBTQ rights. Some of the students also drew up and cut out paper Guy Fawkes masks, then put them on the lockers where all the poster boards were hung, to give it some flair when the project was completed.

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When school officials noticed what was going on, Mrs O’Connor was promptly pulled from one of her classrooms by school security and was told that what she did was offensive and that the students’ research was false, despite credited resources on each and every poster that were hung on the lockers.

They also insisted that, “it’s not all cops,” and that by spreading this kind of message it was teaching the students wrongly.

Mrs. O’Connor has now been threatened with potentially losing her job, for allowing students to write on such topics. School officials also defended themselves by spewing things about all lives matter, tried to talk about Blue lives, and insisted that they were not racists in any way.

The students at Muncie High School in Muncie, Indiana, are now trying to defend not only themselves, but also their peers, and demand that the school must continue to make it a safe space to express themselves and their views.

The students must be allowed to freely express their opinions, their right to free speech is protected under the first amendment. The students say they will continue to speak up on their personal views. This is a clear violation of first amendment free speech rights, and the students are asking for help in this fight for their legal rights.

AEGIS, in The AEGIS Alliance, stands for, The Activists – Alliance for the Exposure of Government Intelligence and Secrets.

We do not claim to be a leader of the Legion, The AEGIS Alliance has Anonymous Allies!

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