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Irish Man suffering from Osteoporosis pleads guilty to $4.86 USD worth of Marijuana after cops search apartment

(The AEGIS Alliance) – An Irish man that was actually charged for marijuana possession had an attorney and the man gave a guilty plea in court, yet he merely possessed $4.86 USD worth of the substance when police searched his residence.

54-year-old Paul Lee of Ireland’s County Cork was accompanied by his lawyer Eamonn Fleming in the courtroom, Lee’s attorney described that he has to deal with osteoporosis, or the weakening of his bones and makes use of a small amount of marijuana for pain management, as well as possessing the quite small amount and a grinder for cannabis in his belongings for only personal usage.

Lee spoke at court, stating he is employed as a landscaper and gourmet chef and also is waiting for the results of his MRI test he took due to the pain had to deal with from his brittle bones.

Lee additionally described to John King, the presiding judge that he relocated to Ireland a long time ago to get away from a heroin substance addiction that he had developed when he was much younger.

Fleming explained to the court of law that Lee was in a tight spot, clarifying that Lee’s medical professional had recommended painkillers for the pain related to his osteoporosis-related, however, that the prescribed medication was “of an opiate-based nature.”

“He is afraid of that and so he doesn’t take it,” the attorney said.

Fleming seemed to be explaining Lee’s concern of sliding back into drug abuse, set off through opiate exposure by means of prescribed pain medication. Lee mentioned he had been in a “Catch-22” scenario.

Instead of the opiates, Lee clarified, he had been making use of CBD oils along with “a small number of illegal drugs,” most likely pertaining to the small quantity of marijuana discovered in his house.

Some scientific research found that when it is mixed with THC in certain circumstances, it is useful for chronic pain treatment.

Fleming sought to get a community service agreement for Lee. Yet, Judge John King pointed out, “I would not consider community service until I know he is clean.”

Lee has 6 prior convictions on file, and 5 of them were actually for marijuana possession.

Judge King ordered Lee to be under probation along with two urine-analysis tests taken randomly to happen later on this year.

Recreational marijuana use is currently classified as an “illicit drug,” which is unlawful in Ireland. Recently, has been provided for restricted medical usage.

But in December 2020, even a small amount of marijuana possession for personal usage was included in a list of offenses that may be handled without requiring the criminal justice system, utilizing what has been named Ireland’s”adult caution system”.

With this system, some lawbreakers, particularly first-timers, will not receive a criminal record.

The new regulation will not likely apply to Lee, that was charged with his 5th marijuana possession offense on June 19 in 2020.

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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